Looking for venues in the UK?

‘If you happen to be lucky enough to have been invited to a wedding, conference or event – or are organising these for yourself – it’s good to know what your venue options are…’

Traditional Romanian Dining at Zama Bistro

‘On a quiet Tuesday evening, we casually strode along the cobbled sidewalk in the late Summer heat. We headed to Zama Bistro for our first taste of traditional Romanian food…’

6 Things I Can’t Do in Gdansk

I’m currently in Gdansk with my nephews for their October school break. Not having children of my own, I quickly realised I had to change some of my habits. These are six things I can’t do this week

Nephews and New Destinations

‘A couple of months ago, I had an excellent idea. This is a rather infrequent occurrence for me, so it’s fair to say it took me a little by surprise…’

Weird Stuff to do in Omaha

‘Welcome back to Weird Sh1t Wednesday! Every week, we look at the amazingly odd and unusual sights you can see in a particular place. This week, we’re in the beautiful state of Nebraska. We present to you: weird stuff to do in Omaha…’

First Time Visitors to Porto: 11 Essential Sights

‘Porto is famous for its bridges and port wine. Having just returned from the city, I decided to compile a list of 11 must-see sights in Porto for first time visitors…’

Air Delay Compensation Claims

‘If you’ve travelled from any UK or European airport – and particularly if you’re a frequent flyer- there’s every chance you’ve experienced a flight delay at some point. While it’s a frustrating and sometimes stressful experience, there are rules in place to ensure your rights as a consumer are protected…’

Weird Sh1t: Weird Stuff to do in Cleveland

‘However, it’s also got some pretty unusual sights. This is some weird stuff to do in Cleveland…’

There’s More Than One Way To Take a Cruise Holiday

‘Cruise holidays are one of the most popular ways to travel the world over. And with the variety of cruise experiences available, it’s easy to see why…’

Travel Bug’s 3 Fascinating Facts about Cluj-Napoca

‘Travel Bug touched down in Romania’s second-largest city on Sunday morning.  These are some of the fascinating facts he’s uncovered about Cluj-Napoca so far…’

Things I’ve Overheard on Flights

‘We all know that flights can be long, slightly uncomfortable journeys. Well, they are for me because of all the other people…’

A Trip to Dongmun Traditional Market, Jeju Island, South Korea

Jeju island is full of great attractions. If you’re a food lover, however, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Dongmun traditional market…’ On our recent trip to Seoul, we flew over to Jeju Island for a few days to see what it had…

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More Things I Don’t Understand

‘I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t becoming slightly alarmed by how much material I have for this series, but it is what it is.  These are even more of the things I can’t quite get my head around…’

Travel Bug’s 3 Fascinating Facts About Lisbon

‘Travel Bug has a special place in his heart for Portugal because one of his first trips was to Lisbon! This was the city that sparked his love of travelling and these are his 3 Fascinating Facts…’

International Scottish Gin Day

‘Yes, people, it’s the first-ever official International Day dedicated to the wonder that is Scottish Gin.  In honour of Scottish Gin and Scottish Gin drinkers, we’ve pulled together a wee list of our personal favourites from home…’

10 Amazing Foods To Experience in Malta

‘The Mediterranean island of Malta is one of the smallest countries in Europe.  Despite its size, it packs a punch when it comes to its unique cuisine.  Filled with sweet treats and hearty stews, these are 10 amazing foods to experience in Malta…’

Best Honeymoon Spots in Asia

‘What makes a great honeymoon destination? This question can only be answered by asking the newlywed couple, essentially, it’s all down to personal taste.

10 Quirky Visitor Attractions in North & Mid Wales

‘North and Mid Wales has a surprising amount of quirky visitor attractions to offer. Since moving to NW, I’ve been continually surprised by the more unusual things I’ve seen across the nation…’ Alice in Wonderland Trail, Llandudno Llandudno is a seaside town on the North…

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Chernobyl Tour: What to know before you go

‘The massive success of the recent HBO drama based on the events surrounding the accident at Chernobyl nuclear power plant has resulted in a huge spike in visitor numbers to the site…’

How I Planned Luxury Group Tours to India

‘I have been to many corporate tours and many times indulged in solo travelling, but this was the first time when we were up for private small group tour in India…’

Are Instagrammers Giving Travellers a Bad Name?

‘Like countless millions of people across the world, I have an Instagram account. As I run Sightseeingshoes, I also have one dedicated to photos of my travels…’

Fly Me To The…Lake District?

‘You heard that right.  Scottish airline, Loganair, has made history by being the first airline to run commercial passenger flights to and from Carlisle airport for 26 years…’

Exceptional Honeymoon And Romantic Tour Packages In India

‘Each and every couple having a desire to spend the vacations at the right destination, but they are hiring their happiness because of budget and other some reasons, hereafter you no need to worry because the great solution is here…’ By Getting the Best Honeymoon…

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What I Watched in June

‘June has been an educational month down at Casa Tam. As I continue my usual true crime related TV programmes, Les and I have also been tuning into some pretty horrendous documentaries.  This is the best of what I watched in June…’   Chernobyl I swithered…

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Things I Don’t Understand: Kids Edition

‘Regular readers will know that there are many, many things in life that I fail to completely comprehend.  I make no secret of this and am often entirely bewildered by world events and trends on a daily basis…’

Getting On Board The Trans-Siberian Train: When Is The Best Time?

‘A journey through the Trans-Siberian Railway is among the most unforgettable and truly unique experiences one could ever have, whether you are an occasional tourist or a true-blue travel junkie…’

Travel Bug’s Fascinating Facts about Kiev

‘Travel Bug and his humans flew to Kiev and have been ‘sploring the Ukrainian capital city to see what it had to offer. These are Travel Bug’s fascinating facts about Kiev…’

Welcome to Gay Hell?

‘I adore visiting towns with unusual names or claims to fame when road tripping across the US. Over the past 20 years, I’ve managed to find a few to amuse me. From a Las Vegas and Truth or Consequences in New Mexico to the extremely…

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How to survive holiday season if you’re an introvert

‘I lived and worked in Scotland for most of my life, so I know what it’s like try and survive in Edinburgh during the Festival; in Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games, or around Perth during the Ryder Cup…’

6 Things You Should Never Say To a Doctor’s Wife

‘There’s a real section of society that, when they realise you’re married to a Doctor, immediately think your life is all kinds of amazing…’

6 Things That Piss Off Welsh People

‘On the whole, the Welsh are a friendly lot, with cheeky humour and a real passion for their country.  They remind me very much of Scots, which is probably why I like them so much…’

The Best Foodie Destinations in Wales

‘If you consider yourself to be a real foodie, hunting out the best restaurants and spending weekends checking out the local farmers’ market for top-notch ingredients, then choosing where to go on holiday can be something of a minefield…’

The Most Accessible Cities in Europe

‘While many of us would love to travel the world, it’s not always easy for those with limited mobility who rely on assistance from others.  Accessible travel is a hotly debated subject, but many European cities are yet to transform their destination and make it accessible to all…’

Biking in France? Ouibike has you covered

‘Ouibike is the easiest solution for researching and reserving bikes online. Not only is it a simple process to reserve bikes but it is even simpler receiving your rental bikes because we deliver them right to your doorstep!…’

Food Focus: Indian Barfi

‘One of the things I love most about travelling throughout the world is having the ability to try out food from a variety of different cultures. It’s crazy how many amazing dishes, pastries and sweets I’ve tried from various continents and countries over the past 20 years…’

The journey of your luggage at an airport

‘How many times have you been at an airport, dropped your luggage at the check-in desk and simply strolled around the airport until your flight was ready for boarding?…’

Helsinki: An Architectural Tour

‘The city of Helsinki brings together varying different styles of design, which are best viewed by putting on your boots and taking to the streets. This is a quick architectural tour of Helsinki…’

Go Wild on Safari in Kenya

‘Most of us would love to go on safari and see in real life what’s usually restricted to views of the wildlife documentaries on our TV screens…

1 Billboard Outside Dolgellau, North Wales

‘Four days a week, I make a 62-mile round trip journey from my sleepy little village in North Wales to a small market town in Mid Wales for work…

South Korean Customs: What To Know Before You Go

‘Although it’s Westernised in many ways, ancient South Korean customs remain an important part of daily life…’ Falling foul of South Korean customs when you visit the country carries the risk of offending your hosts. Therefore, it’s best to be prepared before you travel. Orange/Pink Subway Seats South Koreans…

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Things I Don’t Understand: Flying Edition

‘Over the past week, Les and I have been in a LOT of airports. We flew from Manchester to Helsinki, Helsinki to Seoul, Busan to Jeju Island and Jeju back to Busan…’

Rural Problems: Raging Bull

‘Like lots of other adults across the globe, I have an awareness that bulls can be dangerous.  By ‘awareness’ I mean I know they’re pretty big and you get signs in fields warning you to watch out for them…’

6 Extraordinary Road Side Wonders in Texas

‘If there’s one thing I like about driving across the USA’s largest state, it’s the Texas roadside wonders I stumble across on highways and back roads…’

Sugar Land, Texas: 7 Things Not to Miss

‘Sugar Land is a city in Fort Bend County, Texas, a little south west of Houston and with a rich history of sugar production (hence the name…)’

What’s Happening to Britain’s Holidays?

‘For most employees, a holiday is something they can look forward to a chance to break away from the realities of everyday life, and get some much-needed relaxation. So, how come 44% of Brits didn’t use all of their holiday allowances last year?…’

Travel Bug’s 3 Fascinating Facts about Vaduz

‘Travel Bug likes visiting little cities (they’re easier to fly around). On a recent trip to Austria, he convinced his humans to take him to the capital of Liechtenstein so he could uncover 3 fascinating facts about Vaduz…’

Liechtenstein 2019: Celebrating 300 Years

‘I’ve long been fascinated by Liechtenstein and its ability to maintain its independent status and be one of the very few debt-free nations on earth…’

The World’s Most Expensive Cities revealed…

Ever wondered whether your suspicion that Stockholm or Oslo is the world’s most expensive city was actually correct? Well, it’s not…

Brexit: Advice for UK travellers

‘I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of hearing about Brexit and the rather embarrassing saga its become. However, although I’m now actively avoiding the news coverage of votes, defeats, votes, defeats and more votes, as a regular traveller to the EU, I am…

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Dubai: 5 Fascinating Facts from an Insider

‘It’s a city that’s come up out of nowhere. Talk to your grandparents and they probably still think of Dubai as that desert region, where the locals ride camels. Today’s Dubai will likely shock them out of their comfortable notions…’

Things To Do In Denver Before You’re Dead

‘Denver has earned the nickname ‘Mile High City’ because it sits a mile above sea level. This is a list of things to do in Denver before you’re dead…’

7 Ways To Keep Your Sanity on Road Trips

‘Whilst the idea of road trips sound like freedom and romance, the reality of them can be quite the opposite. Sometimes we all need a little something to do to amuse us along the way…’

The Happiest Nations on Earth 2019

‘Yes, folks, the annual United Nations Happiness Index study is out! The good people at the UN (who knew this is what they did?) have uncovered the happiest countries in the world for 2019…’

Next Level Camping with TentBox

‘Snowdonia National Park attracts around 4.27million visitors each year and a high percentage of these visitors come for camping, hiking, cycling, walking: basically any outdoor activity…’ The rolling hills, the snow-capped peak of Snowdon and the extensive open spaces makes this part of North Wales…

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Vaduz: 5 Things to know before you go

‘Vaduz is the capital of Liechtenstein and has a culture and atmosphere all of its own. If you’re heading that way, here are a few things to know before you travel to the city…’

Travel Bug’s 3 Fascinating Facts about Feldkirch, Austria

‘Travel Bug had a wee stop on his way from Innsbruck to Vaduz and set off into town to uncover 3 fascinating facts about Feldkirch…’

Would you fly in the Inflatable Travel Onesie?

‘I’m a fan of being comfortable when I fly.  I’m talking sweat pants and a t-shirt or leggings and a jumper.  I dress like this because it’s deemed socially unacceptable for me to rock up to Manchester Airport in my jammies.  That is, until now…’

How Long Should Your Couples Holiday Really Last?

‘The first holiday with your partner can be make or break, but that doesn’t mean you’re the next statistic. Far from it…’

Cool and Unusual Things to See and Do in Lincolnshire

‘Lincolnshire is full of things to see and do. You would be surprised at how historic the area is as well, so if you want to get some ideas for your next trip there then you can take a look below to find out more…’

5 Things You Need To Know Before Travelling to Malta

‘If the Maltese Islands feature in your travel plans, here are 5 things you need to know before travelling to Malta…’

Travel Bug’s 3 Fascinating Facts about Wales

‘Since today is St David’s Day, Travel Bug thought he’d celebrate by uncovering 3 fascinating facts about Wales…’

3 Bangin’ Travel Hacks to Save You Money at the Airport

From extortionate flights and expensive hotels to costly cabs and pricy restaurants, the dollars can quickly add up…

Food and Drink: 9 Essential Eats in Seoul, South Korea

‘Korean food is a culture in its own right and, when visiting the country, it’s your duty (no, seriously….) to check it out.  These are 8 must-try foods to experience in Seoul…’

Compelling Reasons To Book A Trip To The North Of England Right Now

‘There are many great places to visit if you want to enjoy a staycation in the UK…’

Travel Bug’s 3 Fascinating Facts about Valletta

‘Travel Bug’s humans took him to the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta for his 5th birthday.  After he ditched them in a local bar, he flew off to to the capital city to uncover 3 fascinating facts about Valletta…’

Gangnam: 7 Things To See and Do

‘The Gangnam district of Seoul lies in the south of the city, across the banks of the river Han. Gangnam literally translates to ‘south of the river’ and is one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in Seoul…’

24 Hours in Helsinki, Finland

‘Finland’s capital is a popular city for a long haul layover, so if you’re stopping over and have a day to spare, these are the must see sights to catch with 24 hours in Helsinki…’ We recently flew to Seoul for a two week break…

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8 Reasons To Visit Swansea in 2019

‘Swansea is a city in South Wales, UK, sitting on Swansea Bay and close to the coastal towns of Port Talbot to the east and The Mumbles to the west…’

13 Insane Motorcycle Routes for Your Summer Vacation

‘There is something uniquely thrilling and satisfying about touring by motorcycle. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, then the tremendous sense of freedom when hitting the road with your ‘baby’ is not foreign to you…’

Canada vs. Norway: Moose Wars

‘I love discovering a random statue when I’m exploring the world, and I particularly love ones that claim to be the largest or the weirdest…’

Travel Bug’s 3 Fascinating Facts About Seoul

‘Travel Bug touched down in South Korea and, after some BBQ (he has his priorities, after all) he floated off to uncover 3 Fascinating Facts About Seoul…’

5 Fun Days Out In And Around Manchester

‘There’s nothing quite so rewarding for the whole family as travel. The very act of packing your bags and setting sail or jetting off to somewhere the troubles of work and home can’t catch up with you is incredibly appealing…’

Top Tips To Maximise Your Visit to Pompeii

‘If you’re visiting the Amalfi Coast of Italy and have a day to spare, a trip to the ancient city of Pompeii is an unforgettable experience…’

The Movies That Inspired My US Roadtrips

‘Movies have always been big business in popular culture.  As well as distracting and entertaining us, for me, they provide inspiration for my real life travels… 

Newcastle & Gateshead Quayside: 6 Top Sights

‘During a recent long weekend in Newcastle, I discover the wonders of the Quayside, down by the peaceful banks of the  River Tyne…’

Travel 2019: What’s on our New Year Bucket List

‘Following on from the round up of our adventures from 2018, we’ve been chatting about our plans for 2019. This is our New Year bucket list…’

Travel Bug’s Fascinating Facts About New Year

‘Travel Bug has had another busy year collecting information. These are his 3 Fascinating Facts About New Year traditions across the world…’

The Essential Travel Destinations We Saw in 2018

‘Considering LT and I both work full time, we managed to cram in an impressive array of adventures this year.  We made it across Western and Eastern Europe, into Scandinavia and North Africa, and ended our year of exploring with a tour of South Korea. …

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The World’s Ugliest Buildings: Architecture Gone Bad

‘I’m a huge fan of architecture and enjoy finding weird and wonderful buildings on my travels. These scary structures are widely thought of as some of the world’s ugliest buildings…’

Seoul, South Korea: Drinks and Doggos at Bau House Cafe

‘It’s difficult to explain *just* how excited I was when I was researching our trip to Seoul and realised there was a cafe where you could drink coffee and pet dogs.  This wonderful place is called the Bau House Cafe and was one of the highlights of my trip…’

A Spiritual Journey: The 12 Romanesque Churches in Cologne

‘There are 12 Romanesque Churches in Cologne, which are scattered throughout the Old Town. Germany’s fourth largest city certainly punches above its weight when it comes to beautiful religious buildings…’

Bygdoy, Oslo: 6 Must See Museums

‘Bygdøy is a small peninsula within a short boat ride from Oslo city centre.  It’s a haven of must-see museums…’ 

Top Travel Destinations You Must-See in 2019

‘The New Year offers up another opportunity to travel the world. According to ABTA, there are 12 top travel destinations you must-see in 2019…’ It may come as a surprise to learn that the union the UK is trying to extricate itself from features a…

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13 Reasons To Fall In Love with Lake Como

‘Italy is well known for its incredible Lakes Region. It’s known for its romance and quiet charm.  These are 13 reasons to fall in love with Lake Como…

11 Must See Sights in Helsinki

‘There are many must-see sights in Helsinki that you can see in a short space of time.  These are the highlights of our recent 24-hour layover…’

The Local Food Lover’s Guide to Singapore

‘Leading food delivery company foodpanda have uncovered the gastronomic delights of Singapore. Their extensive local food lover’s guides to Singapore…’

Travel Bug’s 3 Fascinating Facts About Gangnam

‘Travel Bug recently touched down in South Korea and went exploring to uncover fascinating facts about Gangnam…

Seoul Lantern Festival: 10th Anniversary

‘Seoul Lantern Festival is an annual celebration of the history and culture of the South Korean capital city. For 2018, the theme of the festival is ‘The Dream of Seoul Flows as Light’..

Travel Bug’s 3 Fascinating Facts About Busan

‘Travel Bug and his humans hopped on the train from Seoul to the South East coast so he could uncover 3 Fascinating Facts About Busan…’

The Beauty of Ihwa Mural Village, Seoul

‘Ihwa Mural Village is on Mount Naksan in Seoul and is an extremely popular attraction north of the Han River…’

Travel Bug’s 3 Fascinating Facts About Helsinki

‘Travel Bug just touched down in the capital of Finland. He left his humans drinking coffee in Market Square and flew off to uncover his 3 Fascinating Facts about Helsinki…’

Explore Australia in Style With These Top Hacks

‘Australia is one of the most magnificent nations on Earth, and one that enjoys a wonderful economic centre…’ It is also a place that draws so many visitors from far and wide because of the number of different tourist attractions they have to offer here.…

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Exploring the Japanese Quarter in Dusseldorf

‘Dusseldorf is home to a vibrant, thriving Japanese Quarter.  The Japanese Quarter in the Dusseldorf is home to the largest Japanese population in Germany..’

Exploring the Legacy of Dylan Thomas in Laugharne

‘Laugharne (pronounced Larn) is a pretty town in South Wales, just 13 miles from Carmarthen and sitting on the estuary of the River Taf…’

Australia: 7 Things To Know Before You Visit

‘Travelling to a new country involves more than just booking your flight and accommodation. Every successful trip requires preparation and collection of useful information before you embark on your adventure…’

10 Reasons You Should Move To Malaysia

‘Everyone dreams at some point in their lives to pack up and move across the world for a better life, but not a lot of us ever put this into practice and actively change the way we live our lives…’

Travel Bug’s 3 Fascinating Facts About Santa Fe

It’s Travel Bug’s human’s 2nd wedding anniversary tomorrow! He’s been uncovering fascinating facts about Santa Fe to remind them of their special day in the city…’

Musee L’Orangerie: Paris Museums

‘Within the confines of Tuilleries Jardin is the Musee L’Orangerie. The gallery sits at the west end of the Place de la Concorde and houses many famous Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art…’

Little Bird Bakeshop: Fort Collins, Colorado

‘Located on the corner of Walnut and Linden in downtown Fort Collins, Colorado is the charming Little Bird Bakehouse. As we’d been climbing the Rockies the previous day, we thought it was time to relax… We found the café by wandering along the pretty pedestrianized streets in Fort…

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How To Visit Belarus Without a Visa

‘Belarus isn’t always at the top of the list for Eastern European travel. However, the 5 day visa free scheme is designed to change all that…

The Local Food Lover’s Guide to Hong Kong

‘Some of the best foodie brains in Hong Kong have teamed up with foodpanda to provide you with an insider’s guide to their local cuisine. The local food lovers guide to Hong Kong includes…’

Food & Drink: Lucia’s & Jalapenos Diner, Santa Fe

‘Lucia’s & Jalapenos Diner on Cerillos Road in Santa Fe is the perfect place to start another New Mexican day.  Or, for me, to enjoy your wedding breakfast….

Top 5 Reasons You Should Study Abroad

‘With the average student that studies overseas earning 5% more than those who don’t, we’ve looked at the top 5 reasons you should study abroad…’

How To Pack for an Autumn Break

‘Autumn sees the leaves falling and the temperature dropping. When travelling this season, there are few tips on how to pack for an autumn break…’

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in North Wales

‘My adopted nation knows a thing or two about amazing attractions. In total, we have 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in North Wales…’

Travel Bug’s 3 Fascinating Facts About Zadar

‘Travel Bug has been hassling his humans for AGES to take him to Croatia  He saw it on National Bugographic channel and knew he had to get to the coast to uncover 3 Fascinating Facts about Zadar…’

Islands of Indonesia: An Exploration

‘Throughout the world, there are very few places which can boast the same level of diversity as the stunning set of islands known as Indonesia…’

5 Amazing Resorts in Australia for Your Relaxing Weekend

‘It doesn’t matter that it’s not Valentine’s Day – you don’t only have to spend romantic weekends once a year, do you?..’

Hungry For Adventure? Travel Destinations For Food Lovers

‘When choosing where to go on your next holiday, there are a number of things you will be ticking off your checklist…’

Southeast Asia’s Hidden Gems Uncovered

‘If you are a keen traveler, you will already know about the perils of a region’s top tourist destinations…’

Camping Essentials for Non Campers

‘I’m not gonna lie: camping is NOT my favourite activity.  I much prefer spending evenings in the comfort of my own bed, not worrying about serial killers and spiders…’ However, camping is LT’s favourite past time, so I made a list of camping essentials I absolutely must have…

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11 Travel Essentials I Never Unpack From My Suitcase

‘We all know unpacking is the last thing anyone wants to do when they return from a long trip. To save me the effort, I keep 11 travel essentials in my case at all times…’

Travel Bug’s 3 Fascinating Facts about Cologne

‘Travel Bug and his humans touched down in Germany’s fourth largest city on Saturday and the tiny wee explorer immediately set out to uncover some fascinating facts about Cologne…’

Why You Should Check Your Meds Before Travelling

‘Most of us assume that we can take our meds on holiday with us when we travel abroad because they’ve been prescribed by a medical professional…’

Terracotta Warriors Exhibition, Liverpool

‘After a three-month wait, Les and I finally made it to the ‘China’s First Emperor and The Terracotta Warriors’ exhibition in Liverpool last weekend…’ I’d booked the tickets online for Les’ birthday.  We’d both been really looking forward to seeing these incredible pieces of Chinese…

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Dark Tourism Paris: Celebrity Death Sites and Graves

So, Paris is famous for romance and stuff, but did you know it’s also seen the demise of many a famous face? Let me explain…’

Travel Bug’s 3 Fascinating Facts About Terracotta Warriors

‘Travel Bug has just returned from visiting the amazing Terracotta Warriors exhibition in Liverpool. This is what he dug up, so to speak…’

Las Vegas, New Mexico: Vintage Dining in Plaza Drugs

‘On the Main Street in Downtown Las Vegas, New Mexico is Plaza Drugs. This gorgeously retro building serves as both a spacious cafe and a working pharmacy…’

Travel Bug’s 3 Fascinating Facts About San Antonio

‘The Travel Bug recently touched down in the state of Texas to discover some fascinating facts about San Antonio…’

Travelling Contrasts: Getting Under The Surface of your Destination

‘Not every travel experience is intentional. It is perhaps these occasions where despite the poignant, or even aggressive atmosphere, one learns a little about the real fabric of the nation, or the effect of a recent issue or historic event on a country and its people…’

7 Tips For Surviving The Heat Wave

‘Here in the UK, we’re experiencing temperatures that are pretty much off the charts at the moment, so it’s essential that each of us take care of ourselves. These are 7 tips on how to survive the heat wave…’

Cross of the Martyrs @ Fort Marcy Park, Santa Fe

‘After getting hitched in Santa Fe, I was dragged up a steep hillside by my new husband after being told *just* how amazing the sunset was from the Cross of the Martyrs.  

8 Must See European Bridges

‘If you told me when was 25 that I’d end up, at 40, writing about my favourite European bridges, I’d laugh in your face.  And yet, here I am, at 40, writing about my favourite European bridges…’ Life is all kinds of weird.

The Art of Surviving an Airport Layover on a Budget

‘If there’s one thing every traveller knows, it’s how agonising a lengthy airport layover can be…’

Edinburgh: 8 Great Free Things To Do

‘Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland; sitting on the nation’s east coast. It’s filled with history and culture and comprises Old and New Towns…

Charleston, South Carolina: 7 Essential Sights

‘Charleston is a classically Southern city, with long sultry evenings, home style cooking and a whole lot of Southern charm…’

Travel Bug’s 3 Fascinating Facts about Porto

‘Travel Bug has touched down in Porto for a fun-filled, three fascinating fact adventure…!’

Why Indonesia Is The Place To See

‘With around 300 native ethnic groups and over 740 different languages and dialects, it’s no wonder that Indonesia has so many different names…’

The Hidden Blue Lake, Arthog

‘The blue lake lies on the site of an abandoned slate quarry in the Gwynedd area of Snowdonia National Park in North Wales…’

8 Traveller Types You’ll Encounter On Your Trips

We’ve all met other traveller when we’re exploring our chosen destinations. Some are quiet and friendly and others? Not so much…

Travel Bug’s 3 Fascinating Facts About Amarillo

‘The Travel Bug and his humans are roadtrippin’ across Texas and took a few days to stop off in Amarillo so Travel Bug could uncover some fascinating facts…’

Champing, anyone? Camping in Churches in England

Champing, or Church Camping, is a fairly new phenomenon, devised by the geniuses of The Churches Conservation Trust in England…

Travel Bug’s 3 Fascinating Facts About Dusseldorf

‘Travel Bug booked himself (and his humans) and sneaky flight to Dusseldorf recently so they could have a long weekend…’ He hadn’t visited before but found out some very, very interesting stuffs from the local bugs.  These are his 3 Fascinating Facts about Dusseldorf: Little…

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The Pet Peeves of Brits Abroad

‘We all have experiences that annoy or upset us when things don’t go exactly as planned on holiday. For some, it’s the company that’s lacking; for others, it comes down to accommodation…’

Memphis, Tennessee: 4 Must See Sights

‘Although I’d been to Tennessee many times, I’d never had the time to properly explore Memphis. This time, I was determined to head downtown and have a look around…’

Celebrating 150 Years of Charles Rennie Mackintosh in Scotland

‘Charles Rennie Macintosh is a Scottish architect, designer and artist whose work is synonymous with the Art Nouveau movement…’

North Wales: The Home of Blue Flag Beaches

‘As the 2018 Coast Award Winners rolled in, it was revealed that Wales now more Blue Flag beaches per mile than anywhere else in the UK, with a total of 47 nationwide…’

How To Spend a Weekend in Cambridge

‘Cambridge is primarily known as That City in England With The Posh University.  And it is…’

Travel Insurance: Is It Worth The Bother?

‘As we dive headlong into summer holiday season, it’s an important question to ask yourself.  Thanks to the guys over at Panoramic Villas, I’ve got everything you need to know… ‘

How to Travel with Kids and Still Explore the World

‘Travelling with kids is pretty much the same as travelling with adults; but usually a whole lot more stressful…’

Top Tips on How To Stay Sane in Jemaa el-Fna, Marrakesh

‘I’ll preface this by saying that Jemaa el-Fna in the city’s old town is spectacular. Not only in terms of visual stimulation, but in its diverse culture and in helping understand the daily way of life for many Moroccans living in the Medina…’

Travel Bug’s 3 Fascinating Facts About Vilnius

‘The Travel Bug loves nothing more than exploring new cities, so he was excited to touch down recently in Vilnius…’

How To Spend a Lazy Day in Llanbedrog

‘Llanbedrog is a pretty little town on the Llyn Peninsula in Gwynedd. It juts out of the side of North West Wales and into the Irish Sea…’

5 Romantic German City Breaks

‘I think that any trip can be romantic with the right person, but cities in Germany don’t get half as much credit as they deserve…’

Perth: Perfect Vacation Experiences In Western Australia’s Capital

‘Perth is one of the greatest cities in Western Australia and is very popular with tourists…’ Indeed, according to statistics in one year Perth had close to four million tourists with nearly one million traveling across the ocean to see this beautiful destination. However, as…

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Marrakesh Medina: Six Sights for Saturday

‘Marrakesh is one of the most beautiful and culturally rich cities I’ve had the pleasure to visit and there’s a mass of things to see and do…

Travel Bug’s 3 Fascinating Facts About Fort Worth

‘The Travel Bug flew into Fort Worth, Texas and thought he’d have a little rest and some breakfast, catching up with the local bugs. These are the fascinating facts he uncovered!…’

Las Vegas (not that one…the other one)

‘So, there we were, casually rolling through the deserts of New Mexico in the early morning sunshine when we spotted a highway sign for Las Vegas…’

Dusseldorf: Six Sights for Saturday

‘Düsseldorf is the 7th largest city in Germany and the capital of the North Rhine Westphalia region…’

New Orleans: 48 Hours in The Big Easy

‘New Orleans is world-famous for embracing an eclectic mix of styles. The city combines the welcoming acceptance of the Deep South and the Louisiana Creole culture and traditions, making The Big Easy one of the most unique experiences in the world…’

Travel Bug’s 3 Fascinating Facts About Barcelona

‘Travel Bug loves a city break, so when he realised he could get a great deal on a trip to Barcelona, he packed up his shell and set off to Spain…

Walking at Edgbaston Reservoir

‘I know what you’re thinking… there can’t be much fun had at a reservoir, right? Wrong! There might not be much fun had at *YOUR* local, but Edgbaston Reservoir is full of surprises…’