Oban Chocolate Company: Oban, Scotland

‘I battled against the driving wind and rain, along Corran Esplanade, and entered beneath the inviting purple facade of Oban Chocolate Company…’

Walking into its cosy surroundings, on hardwood floors, the smell of chocolate immediately hit me. Despite resembling some wild-eyed, messy haired, scary woman, I could feel myself starting to relax.  Also, after an epic 2.5-hour drive to get to Oban Chocolate Company, I was in dire need of coffee.

The menu at Oban Chocolate Company is extensive and, obviously, contains a LOT of chocolate. This includes a wide array of hot chocolate drinks, which come in a variety of guises.  I like my chocolate in solid form, so I left LT to indulge in the liquid stuff.

I opted for a tasting plate, which comprised 6 individual chocolates as well as a small tub of chocolate buttons. This rather made me feel like a child again, although they were served on a very adult looking piece of slate.  You thought I was going to say chocolate there, didn’t you??

Waffles, anyone?

Leslie went all out and ordered banana chocolate waffles with whipped cream and a massive hot, gooey chocolately drink.

Obviously, I had to try a little (in the name of research) and can confirm it was OHMYGODSOGOOD. The little bit I tried then became a slightly larger bit. What can I tell you? I have zero willpower.

We sat at a cute high table and stools and gazed out of the huge picture windows across the water. The weather was stormy we learned that the island ferries had all been cancelled. I couldn’t help but picture crowds of angry mainlanders, throwing themselves into freezing water to swim back to shore in the name of chocolate.  And my heart went out to them all.

Doggy bag

After filling our boots, we had to have the waitress bag the chocs we couldn’t finish. We then popped over to see how the magic was made. We gazed longingly through the window to the kitchen/chocolate wizard area and watched as ribbons of glossy milk and white chocolate were shaped and moulded.

No one wants to leave Oban Chocolate Company without taking something home for loved ones (read: yourself).  Luckily, there’s a shop on site where you can spend All Of The Money on your favourite treats.

Oban Chocolate Company coffe and tasting platter


Oban Chocolate Company - taster platter
Have you visited the Oban Chocolate Company?

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