Scottish Borders: Ice Cream In Eyemouth

Scottish Borders: Ice Cream In Eyemouth

‘Eyemouth is a small town on the East coast of the Scottish Borders region, around 5 miles from the English border.  It’s famous for its long history of fishing, as well as for smuggling…’

Anywhere that has a reputation for smuggling, particularly wine and spirits, sounds like a place I need to be. In addition to smuggling, Eyemouth also has a reputation for award winning ice-cream. I offered to try it.  Purely for research purposes, obviously. 


Giacopazzi’s is located next to the harbour and has indoor and outdoor seating. The main cafe is finished to a high standard and has a lovely atmosphere. If you choose to be out in the sun, be prepared to eat your snack while receiving jealous stares by passing children/dogs. It will happen.  

what to have?
coffee fix!
This parlour serves up a wide range of flavours and everything is freshly made each day in store.  I had to test out the Creme Egg, because obviously.  My husband, however, likes the classics more and opted for banana.  They all looked fantastic, though.  I had my usual coffee fix and we happily sat and planned our attack of the town.
Eyemouth is beautiful in the sunshine and has lovely walks along the side of the water. After the ice cream and coffee, we headed out to get some sun and burn off some calories.

Eyemouth Harbour
Gunsgreen House
Eyemouth Harbour
Harbour and Gunsgreen House

Eyemouth Museum

Located nearby Giacopazzi’s is the Eyemouth Museum. The site offers a history of the town, as well as that of the tragic fishing disaster, which ocurred in 1881.  One of the highlights of the museum is the Eyemouth Tapestry.  This comprises some 1 million stitches and took 1100 hours of needlework.  Rather a difficult task, I imagine. Entry to the museum is free.

Gunsgreen House

On the other side of the harbour is Gunsgreen House. The house is a John Adams design.  It was built by local smugger, John Nisbet, who needed it to store his ‘special goods’.  The house was constructed with a tea chute where the smuggled loose leaves could be hidden away.  Who says crime doesn’t pay?  The house has an admission charge, but there’s lots to see.
If you’re still holding on to some of those ice cream calories, Eyemouth also has a Maritime Museum.  The site contains a wide array of almost 400 boats and vessels from different countries and time periods.  It also boasts an extensive library.  Admission charges apply.

Suzanne x


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