Valencia: TTB’s 3 Fascinating Facts

‘While wandering through the streets of Valencia, eating delicious Spanish omelette in the sun, the Travel Bug managed to find some time to uncover these fascinating facts about the city…’


Muslims founded the very first University in Spain in the city way back in 1209. Travel Bug thinks this University might be older than his humans, but he’s not quite sure.  TTB has been trying to set up a Bug University in Wales for ages, but he hasn’t quite managed it yet.


La Tomatina is the world’s biggest food fight and is held just outside Valencia, in Bunol, every single year.   An estimated 150,000 tomatoes are thrown during the festival!  TTB doesn’t like tomatoes, so he’s probably not going to go.  He would much prefer a Carne Festival where people would chuck chorizo or steaks at him.  He would fly to Valencia for this festival every year.

Las Fallas

Las Fallas (The Fire) is held annually in the city and is one of the most unique festivals in Spain.  It lasts for 5 days and massive ‘ninots’ (puppets or dolls) are constructed using cardboard and paper mache. These are then set on fire at ‘La Crema’ (the burning).  Some of the ninots are so huge they have to be moved into position by crane.  TTB thinks that sounds like a LOT of paper mache and far too much effort for a little bug to get involved in.  He was worried that, if he went, people would think he was one of the ninots and set him on fire!

Do you have any other fascinating facts about Valencia to share with The Travel Bug?

Hasta pronto, amigos!








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