Harlech Banger Racing, North Wales

harlech banger racing

‘We recently passed a sign advertising Harlech banger racing. As it turns out, it’s an annual event just north of our new hometown of Harlech…’

Les and I both raced home from work in our own bangers and joined a long queue at the entrance to Harlech Banger Racing…

I was rather surprised at how busy it was (although, knowing nothing about racing, I’m not sure what I was surprised at).  Hundreds of people, all milling about, grabbing coffees or hot dogs, and trying to gain a vantage point to watch the races.  We were handed a free programme through the car window which listed 39 entrants. Each of them was sporting their own brightly painted jalopy.

Once racing got underway, the crowd got rather excited and there was a lot of clapping and cheering going on.  My aforementioned lack of car interest means I struggle to get excited about racing. Plus, most of the drivers totally reminded me of myself trying to get home from work on a Friday…  That might explain that speeding fine I got from our trip back up to Scotland recently.  

Anyway, LT had a thoroughly delightful time because he had his camera and captured as many action shots as he could.  I, on the other hand, was hoping for some gentle crashing to add to the excitement.

This is a bit of the night’s action at Harlech Banger Racing!

harlech banger racing
let’s go!
harlech banger racing
seems to be going well, right?
harlech banger racing
ruh roh…
harlech banger racing
don’t worry…he was totally fine.
looks a bit like my car, to be honest.


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