5 Great Coffee Shops in Shrewsbury

‘Anyone who know me knows I love my coffee, but I also love finding cute cafes where I can indulge in my favourite habit…’

We recently took a trip into Shrewsbury, where we enjoyed the sunshine and I wired myself to the moon with some serious coffee fixin’.

Off The Square

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Awesome coffee, great staff.
This is a lovely little coffee shop on Market Street that is, as its name suggests, just off the main square.  It’s a pretty little location, which is central and really easy to locate.  I also loved the decor in the Cafe and the waitresses were lovely. They make a mean tea cake, which was devoured in record time, and my cappuccino was a served in a good sized mug, which always rather pleases me.  The coffee shop was reasonably priced also has free wi-fi.

Cafe on the Cop

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People watching…
Situated at 20 Wyle Cop, this coffee shop serves up great food in a similar atmosphere.  As we discovered, it’s a good spot for a bit of people watching as it’s very centrally located.  The coffee was good, with a great range of homemade cakes of offer.   It’s an excellent spot to rest up and get your strength back before you hit the shops.

Quirky Coffee Cafe

copyright @ sightseeingshoes
It just draws you in…
Located very slightly off the main thoroughfare in Shrewsbury, this gorgeous little cafe is the perfect spot to escape. You can relax with a cup of coffee and make an empty promise to yourself that, if you have cake, you will definitely go running the next morning. If you’re like me, you won’t actually follow through on your promise. Prepare to feel just a *little* bit bad about that.  Not bad enough to stop you eating cake in the first place, you understand…
Quirky Coffee also boasts a range of milkshakes and more types of tea than I could count.  The staff is lovely and it’s got a lovely atmosphere throughout.  I just loved the exterior, too.  It’s the kind of place that you just CAN’T walk past without checking out.

Ginger and Co. Coffee

watching the world go by
Ginger and Co was successfully launched in 2014 via the Crowdfunding website. It’s located at 30 Princes Street.  It’s a great pit stop with an amazing range of rolls and sandwiches, in addition to the coffee. It also stocks a saliva-inducing array of cakes and calorie filled treats. You deserve one, though, don’t you?  I know I do.
Luckily, I have my own cake eating companion in LT.  His hollow legs ensure that he can eat lots of cake, I can write about it, and neither of us gets fat.  It’s the perfect match.


CarMar Tea Room

copyright @ sightseeingshoes
Fill your boots at CarMar
This tea room is located at 38 Castle Street and is a family run coffee shop, with another site in the local shopping centre.  It has a great range of teas and coffees (and a variety of syrups, cream and marshmallows to go along with them). They home bake their cakes, muffins, tea cakes, scones, as well as a plethora of other sweet treats.
If you’d rather have savoury food, CarMar produce their own quiches and burgers, which you can stuff in your chops and promise you won’t eat for the rest of the week.
What’s your favourite coffee shop in Shrewsbury?

Suzanne x


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