We’d heard so much about the Georgia sky at night, so we set off one evening to try and catch the legendary sunset on Tybee Island.  

History lessons…

Tybee Island is a city and Island in South East Georgia and is a popular retreat for locals and tourists alike. Tybee played an important role in the American Civil War when Union soldiers laid siege along the North Coast.  This ultimately aided their capture of nearby Fort Pulaski and saw the first use of rifled cannons in the conflict. 

The scenery between Savannah and Tybee Island
We totally weren’t there to find that out, we just really, really wanted to watch the sun fade and the sky change colour by the fabulous Island Lighthouse.  Still, who doesn’t love a bit of history, eh?
Tybee Island Lighthouse is one of few operational 18th Century lighthouses in the US today. It stands at approximately 94ft high.  It looks amazing in the daylight when you can visit and explore the Lighthouse and Museum for less than 10 bucks.  

Even more history…

The lighthouse is located in the Screven Fort in Battery Gartland. The Fort was used as a defence system by the United States until it was de-commissioned in 1947.  This is now a conservation area, as it’s clearly of national importance. 


Hmmm…I seem to have gone off on a tangent again. I really must stop that. Anyway, as I was saying, we wanted to see the sunset.  At that time of night, the car park was fairly empty and it was just a couple of dollars to park up for an hour.   And so we waited.  And, boy, was it worth it!  

The Lighthouse and Light Station at Tybee Island


The fading sun…
Georgia does awesome sunsets…

The night was warm and still bright and the shadows created by the sinking sun were fabulous.   I’m so glad I refrained from my usual nightly cocktail until we got back to Savannah.  Go me, right?

Have you caught the sunset on Tybee Island?


Suz xx