TTB’s 3 Fascinating Facts About Shrewsbury

‘The Travel Bug has been a busy little boy this week, with a day trip over the Welsh border into Shrewsbury.  While resting in a flower bed in town, he had a chance to type up his fascinating facts…’


Shrewsbury was the birth place of world renowned naturalist, Charles Darwin.  There are many tributes to the great man around the town and you can visit them all to learn more about him.  Travel Bug had a wee look while he was there.

Listed Buildings

Shrewsbury is the location of more than 600 listed buildings in England.  600!  That’s a whole lot of old buildings for one town to have.  Travel Bug lives in an old cottage in Wales, so he knows a thing or two about old buildings.  He hopes that Shrewbury’s listed buildings have better heating that his house…


Shrewsbury’s annual flower show is the longest running horticultural show in the entire world.  Travel Bug likes flower shows as he enjoys all the pretty colours and smells.  He tried to eat a flower once, but it didn’t taste nearly as good as carne, so he hadn’t done it since.

Do you have any more fascinating facts about Shrewsbury for the Travel Bug?

Hasta pronto, amigos!




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