Harlech Castle: Visitor Centre and Cafe

‘Since moving to Wales in May, I’ve been watching the progress on the building works on the new centre at Harlech Castle with some interest…’

I found out that my favourite town haunt, Llew Glas, was taking over the franchise in Harlech Castle and would be operating the new cafe.

It opened a couple of weeks and LT and I took a walk up The Steepest Hill In The World to indulge in our favourite past times. These are: drinking coffee, eating cake and talking about how gorgeous the scenery is. Seriously; this is what we do.   

For reasons unknown, I rarely visited coffee shops back in Stirling where we lived in Scotland.  We never wandered into the city on a lazy afternoon to grab a drink. In Wales, however, we still feel like we’re on holiday and we’re forever seeking out new coffee shops to visit.   

I can’t function without my coffee and LT is partial to a slice of cake, so living next to so many great cafes has rather increased our consumption of both. 

Harlech Castle: Visitor Centre and Cafe
The new Castle visitor centre entrance

The visitor centre looks great and has been designed in a very modern way.  Yet, it still seems sympathetic to the look of the ancient castle sitting opposite. Although you wander past the ticket desk to get to the Cafe and store, you needn’t purchase a ticket. 

The Café is very modern, with floor to ceiling windows and gorgeous deck. From here, you can enjoy amazing views of the Castle and Cardigan Bay.    

Harlech Castle: Visitor Centre and Cafe
The gorgeous new deck

The staff is always warm and friendly and the owner, Freya, has recently been awarded Entrepreneur of the Year.  

The selection of homemade cakes on offer are always numerous and slices are rather generous.  I don’t like cake, but my husband lives for it.  Les very much likes to try out a different variety every time he goes. 

Harlech Castle: Visitor Centre and Cafe
Aaaah…coffee and castles: two of my favourite things. Because obviously.

Suzanne x


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