‘While he was road trippin’ in Louisiana, eating gumbo and drinking moonshine, Travel Bug uncovered some creepy and fascinating facts about New Orleans…’


Voodoo was introduced to the United States from New Orleans! Travel Bug is rather less than keen on this fact.  He probably won’t upset anyone in the city because he doesn’t want to end up with pins jammed in his lovely squishy back…


The city of New Orleans is widely considered to be the most haunted in the USA. Clearly, being the home of voodoo wasn’t already enough…

It’s likely that Travel Bug won’t go out on his own at ALL as he’s scared of his own shadow.  He’ll be taking his humans with him everywhere he goes, even if it’s just out for some carne.


The tombs in New Orleans are all above ground, due to high water levels.  This means that during flooding, it’s not uncommon for coffins to go bobbing down the street…

Travel Bug has decided that he probably doesn’t want to stay in NOLA anymore. He’d maybe like to go somewhere a bit less spooky. Unfortunately for him, his humans love the city and don’t find it creepy in the slightest.

*Travel Bug flies away*

Do you have any other fascinating facts about New Orleans to share with The Travel Bug?