Clinton Presidential Library, Little Rock

‘Presidential Libraries have been a thing since Herbert Hoover. Since I wasn’t alive during his tenure, I popped to the Clinton Presidential Library instead…’

The US is now on their 45th (and scariest) President, although he doesn’t have a library yet.  Christ only know what’d end up in it, but books isn’t my first guess. Anyway, since I was stopping off in Little Rock on a road trip, the Clinton Presidential Library seemed like a good way to inaugurate myself.  See what I did there??

The memorial centres and libraries are located in the home city of a President, so they’re happily dotted around the country.  It’s a fantastic idea to have a public building to celebrate the life and work of each President.  It’s not something that’s done in the UK.  I’m not too sure how well it would go down, to be quite honest. We might name a community centre after them, but that’s as far as we go.

Anyway, the William J. Clinton Presidential Library is located in Little Rock, Arkansas and is open seven days..  It’s only $7 for an adult ticket and is well worth the money. The sheer quality of the building and the vast amount of information on offer is really impressive.

Clinton Presidential Library
The obligatory exterior shot…
Oval Office
I could totally blog from here
administration meeting table
The perfect spot for ordering people around and keeping control of your minions. 

Within the building is the Library, one of Clinton’s official limousines and many items from his tenure. The highlight is undoubtedly the scale replica of The Oval Office. There’s also tons of information about his Presidential timeline and what Clinton achieved in office. It’s a really fascinating place and you could spend hours recalling the highlights of his years of service. They don’t say much about The Scandal, however. The existence of the Library and Museum is to focus on his work, rather than personal life. I bet it’d get more visitors if it did, though. However, we all know, he did NOT have sexual relations with that woman…

The Clinton Presidential Library gives a detailed insight into Clinton’s administration and his time in the White House. Having never visited a Presidential Library before, I can safely say it won’t be my last. We can only wait, with bated breath, to see what garish monstrosity the 45th President opts for. I’m willing to bet it won’t be constructed by women or ethnic minorities. Obviously, Trump’s will be the biggest and best library of them all. It will certainly be twice as good as Obama’s…


Suz x

Bill Clinton
Yeah, what he said

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