Hawarden, Wales: TTB’s 3 Fascinating Facts

‘The Travel Bug took a trip to the North East Wales town of Hawarden (with his humans, obvs…) and had a chat to the local ladybugs…’

William Gladstone

Hawarden served as the home of the Liberal Prime Minister of the UK, William Gladstone.  He lived in Hawarden Castle in the town and now has a library in his name.   As a side note, TTB also found out that both Gladstone’s parents were from Scotland and then moved to Wales.  Travel Bug is also from Scotland and now lives in Wales and he was very excited by this.  He hopes he can be PM one day, too.  He thinks he would be an advocate for bug rights.

Footballing Superstars

Hawarden is rather famous to its connection to football superstars.  Michael Owen, who played for Liverpool and England, was educated at the local school in town.   Former Wales Manager, the late, great Gary Speed also went to this school.  Travel Bug thinks that if you want to be good at football, you have to move to Hawarden to go to school.  He’s not good at football because his legs are too soft and he’s too short.  He likes watching Hearts on the TV, though.

More Football Connections

If going to school in Hawarden didn’t make you good at football, then actually being born in the town is bound to work.  Idwal Davies, who played for Bolton Wanderers, Liverpool, West Brom and, of course, Wales, was born in the local area of Elwoe Green. Who knew that such a little town had produced so many famous stars??

Do you have any more facts about Hawarden to share with The Travel Bug?

Adios y hasta pronto amigos!


TTB x 


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