Dear Passport…I Love You

‘I’ve had a passport for as long as I can remember and, despite not travelling much when I was young, I’ve more than made up for it as an adult…’

There’s something wonderful about clutching that gorgeous maroon book that opens up new worlds and gives you the freedom to explore other countries, continents and cultures that can’t be surpassed by anything else.  Seriously; it’s even better than buying shoes.
Apart from the opportunities, my current passport opens up to me, my old passports are the source of all my favourite memories.  These are the places I’ve been, the experiences I’ve had, and some of the most amazing people I’ve met that I never would have if it wasn’t for £70 and one of those teeny little photos that make me look like an escaped convict.
When I was in my teens, most of my trips revolved around the Spanish Islands, because obviously.  These days, you couldn’t force me to go back.  I’ve gone from being attracted to the sun and laying around to realising that laying around means I’m missing out on exploring.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been back to Spain since my teenage years and I love it. However, I’ve ditched Anglicised towns for cities like Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona.  I can also no longer cope with sunbathing all day as OMG SO BORING.
My latest passport is brand new and has only recently been out of North Wales. Its inaugural trip was to Paris for a girl’s weekend and it’s since enjoyed the delights of Eastern Europe, Italy and the US.
My last passport is a myriad of stamps and visas. It smells deliciously like spilt beer and hot summer nights in Thailand and Mexico.  Just flipping through the pages brings back a raft of priceless memories that have shaped my life.
Dear Passport, I Love You: Spanishi Flag
Es muy hermoso…
I think the thing that also makes my passport so special is that, as well as documenting my travels, it reminds me of how many brilliant travel companions I’ve had.  From my ex-husband, my sisters, my step-son, my Mum and, obviously, Les, I can transport myself back to anywhere with just the turn of a page.
When I met Les on our first date, we’d both returned from recent travels. We talked about all the places we still wanted to visit.  As I’m completely incompatible with anyone who doesn’t live for exploring, I was thrilled to hear him speak so excitedly about his trips.
Over the past 5 years, we’ve been lucky enough to combine our love of travelling.  I introduced Les to the joys of road-tripping across the US, and we’ve spent a lot of time visiting places that neither of us had been before.
Dear Passport, I Love You: Roadteip
Without my passport, there’d be no loud singing to country music radio and driving through Nashville.
I guess my passport is the first thing I’d grab from the cottage in a fire (provided LT was already out, of course.  And my Louboutins.  And probably my dog’s ashes, although I realise how ironic that is…).
My passport promises so much fun and excitement and it’s rarely ever let me down.  Basically, what I’m saying is, the person who came up with the idea of the passport is a legend and I’m forever grateful.  The person who invented airport queueing systems, however, can go to Hell.
So, here’s to another decade of exploring the world with my trusty companion. Many thanks to Her Majesty’s Government for continuing to issue me with new ones. I promise I’ll always behave when I’m abroad and never, ever request the services of the local embassy…

Suzanne x

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