TTB’s 3 Fascinating Facts About Paris

‘The Travel Bug has just returned from a long weekend in Paris and had a lovely time in the City of Lights with his human Mum and Aunts…’

He drank too much champagne and ate too many baguettes, but he enjoyed finding out lots of random facts about Paris.


Paris has around 470k trees and every single one of them is measured. Every. Single. One. TTB thinks this doesn’t much sound like his ideal job because there doesn’t sound like there might many chances for napping…


There are more dogs in Paris than children. The Travel Bug thinks this is the best thing about the city. He loves all doggos and would be able to pet them all the time.  And there would hardly be any noisy kids trying to grab his nose and chew him. For some reason, children seem to think he’s a toy.

The Locked Apartment

A Paris apartment was left locked for 70 years but its rent was always paid on time. When the mysterious renter of the property died and the apartment door was finally unlocked, an art work value at 2 million Euros was discovered. TTB always keeps his door lock in case someone tries to steal the pictures he paints for his human’s fridge.

Do you have any other fascinating facts about Paris for the Travel Bug?


TTB xx 



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