‘Travel Bug has been on holiday in England; spending time on the beautiful Devonshire coast and uncovering fascinating facts about Torquay…’

While being dragged along the beaches in the English Riviera, these are some of the fascinating facts he picked up about Torquay

Agatha Christie

Torquay is home to one of the planet’s best selling authors EVER, in none other than Queen of Crime; Agatha Christie.

Travel Bug likes watching Miss Marple on the TV and having his humans read her stories to him when he’s all tucked up in bed at night.   He also had lots of fun on the Agatha Christie Mile while he was in town.

Monty Python

While staying in Torquay to film sketches for Monty Python, John Cleese found the inspiration behind Fawlty Towers, due to the rather eccentric owner of the hotel he was staying at.

Travel Bug loves watching Fawlty Towers with his humans. His favourite character is Manuel, because he speaks Spanish, just like The Travel Bug.   TTB’s not from Barcelona, though.


In 2010, Banksy allegedly painted a mural of a young girl drawing a robot on the side of the Grosvenor Hotel on Belgrave Road.

It was vandalised the following year and was then entirely painted over when the hotel was bought by new owners in 2014. Noooo!

Travel Bug has never seen a Banksy painting, so he would LOVE to have seen this.  He paints on his bedroom walls all the time but always gets into trouble…

Do you have any fascinating facts about Torquay to share with The Travel Bug?


Adios y hasta pronto, amigos y amigas!