‘This is city life, but not as you know it… In between the major cities of Flagstaff and Phoenix is the beautiful city of Sedona, Arizona…’

Our Airbnb owner in Phoenix suggested we stop off in Sedona to see the ‘real’ Arizona on our way to the city. He mentioned its quaint beauty and then how dramatic its red rock backdrop was.  And he wasn’t wrong.  Sedona is surrounded on all sides by massive red rock buttes, and has a year round climate that rather makes North Wales look like the Arctic. It’s nestled away in the mountains and has clear blue skies and stunning scenery.

Sedona isn’t what I would class as a normal city, as some US cities tend to be far more like small towns. However, it is uniquely different. It’s very much geared up towards attracting tourists, which it does in constant droves.  It has a lovely arty feel to it and has lots of galleries and stores.

Sedona boasts rows of pretty independent, new age boutiques, gift and souvenir stores, quality restaurants, fast food stops and bars. There are various helicopter booths dotted around, as well as offers of pink jeep experiences to take you off-road, amongst the mountains.

Sedona is a quieter retreat from the much bigger cities is sits between.  It provides an atmospheric and peaceful pit stop on the way to the bright lights of Phoenix.  It very much has a restorative feel to it and is regarded by Native Americans as sacred.

I’m just going to pop in here for a quick sec…
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Surrounded by almost 2 million acres of forest, Sedona has a population of 10,000 people.  Two of its former residents are Senator John McCain and singer Michelle Branch. It’s produced some pretty talented people and does have a very arty, eclectic feel.

Given the city’s dedication to the arts, it’s no surprise that it is home to many festivals throughout the year. These include an International Film Festival, a Jazz Festival, as well as a Marathon. Thinking about running in that heat makes me feel rather tired. There’s also an International Yoga Festival, which sounds like something for people who are way more bendy than me.

Sedona is well worth taking time out to visit, if for nothing else than to gaze at the scenery and walk around town.  The drive from Flagstaff is gorgeous, as the road winds down through the valley and it feels like such a hidden gem.

Have you visited Sedona?


Suzanne x