‘Any Breaking Bad fan will be familiar with the iconic Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant frequented by Walt and Jesse during their dealings with Gus Frings…’

Los Pollos Hermanos is one of the most recognisable venues from Breaking Bad. Filming was done on location at Twisters fast food outlet, which is a short distance from Albuquerque city centre. The brand colour and interior are instantly recognisable and pulling into the parking lot like you watched Walter do, has a surreal feeling to it.


The Los Pollos Hermanos signage isn’t above the doors as it is on the show. Instead, the exterior signage is for Twisters.  However, the second you walk inside, there’s a HUGE Los Pollos Hermanos poster that you can have your photo taken with.  Although the location was a massive part of Breaking Bad, Twisters doesn’t make a big deal about it. If it was *my* store, I’d be erecting neon flashing lights outside and dressing up as Heisenberg.

In addition to the interior sign, It also has a simple piece of A4 paper above Walt’s booth. A paper sign, people! Mine would be gold plated.  And way bigger.  If I hadn’t been taking in every single corner of the store, I’d have missed it completely.  The sign is literally a bit of paper with ‘Walt’s Booth’ scrawled on it.

As well as pretending we were teachers-turned-drug lords, Les and I also had lunch. Given it was Los Pollos Hermanos, we had chicken. The fare is typical Southwestern fast food and offers burgers, enchiladas and fries. It’s like a far more exciting McDonalds. I tried to work out if the current Manager was a secret Meth dealer. Sadly, but he looked far too friendly and happy for that kind of thing. If you’re a fan of Breaking Bad or just fast food, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Los Pollos Hermanos is a little out the way and it’s not that easy to find.  However, you’ll instantly recognise the location and will be inspired to go home and cook crystal meth. I jest, of course – please don’t do that. Just eat your food and behave yourself.

Possibly the best sign in the world
The location where all those dodgy deals went down…
When Walter met Gus


Los pollos es muy bueno…

Suz x