‘After a hard fact-finding mission in Spain’s capital city, Travel Bug relaxed with a cold beer in Plaza Mayor and told his humans his fascinating facts about Madrid…’

This is what he found out about the beautiful Spanish capital city of Madrid…


Madrid is the highest capital city in the whole of Europe.  The city sits at a rather massive 650 metres above sea level.

This is v v high. It’s way higher than Travel Bug can fly.  He wonders if this is why the bugs he met were so dizzy all the time.

No Clouds

Madrid has more cloudless days than any other city in the whole of Europe.  This means it is largely sunny or clear all the time, regardless of the season.

Travel Bug thinks this is great as clouds often get in his way when he’s trying to fly around. He would much prefer not to have any clouds in any city or country, but he lives in Wales, so that’s probably not possible.

Bullfighting and stuff…

Madrid’s main square, Plaza Mayor, was once used for staging bullfights. There weren’t any bulls there when Travel Bug popped by, so he was quite relieved about that. It did have lots and lots of bars with lots of happy people in them, so it seemed rude not to take a seat and join in.

While he was having a beer, Travel Bug found out that the square also used to be used for Spanish inquisitions, but no one expected that…hehehe

Do you have any fascinating facts about Madrid for The Travel Bug??