Conway Castle - Cadw Wales

Little Dragons: Welsh Pokemon Go!


Everyone knows that Wales is the land of the dragon.  They love them so much, they’ve even got one on their flag.  Now the good people at Cadw  (the body responsible for some of Wales’ most historic attractions) who are never to be outdone by a global phenomenon, have combined the fun of Pokemon Go! and the legends of Wales, and come up with their very own dragon game.  ‘Little Dragons’ is available through the free app and has been produced by Cadw to encourage interactivity at their sites and bring the experience to life. Although I’m not a fan of playing games on my phone, I am partial to a cute dragon.

With a total of 10 beasts to ‘catch’ across seven sites in Wales, the app features a number of properties in the North at Caernarfon, Conwy, Beaumaris and Harlech Castles, as well as Caerphilly, Raglan and Chepstow Castles to the south.  In addition to the unbridled joy that surely must come from a spot of Dragon Bagging, app users can also take selfies with the completely real, not mythical in any way, beasts.  If that’s not the very peak of modern living, I truly don’t know what is. I can literally think of nothing  I’d rather do than taking a dragon selfie at Harlech Castle.  What self respecting 39 year old would want to pass up an opportunity like that??  I refuse to do the whole trout pout thing, though, because it’s stupid.  Also: I hear that dragons eat people who do that, so best not to risk it.

This latest development is part of Cadw’s 2017 marketing campaign ‘Year of Legends’ and complements the massive life sized dragons who are currently touring the country.  Daddy Dragon, Dewi, Mummy, Dwynwen, and the cutest baby dragons you’ve ever seen, are holidaying at the best Castles across the nation all summer.  After all, who’s going to be brave enough to stop them?

Information on how you can meet the Dragon family can be found HERE.


Suz x





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