TTB’s 3 Fascinating Facts About Newcastle

The Travel Bug recently decided that he’d like to take a wee trip to Newcastle on the North east coast of England.  This was lucky as his humans have a friend who lives there and just happened to invite them there for the weekend.  What were the chances of that?? While the humans were looking at bedrooms and light fittings, TTB flew off  to have a look around and speak to the good people of Newcastle to find out fascinating facts about their beautiful city…

  • Newcastle was the setting for the classic Michael Caine film, Get Carter, which was released before TTB’s time in 1971  (even his humans weren’t born then and they’re really old).
  • The award winning Millennium Bridge over the River Tyne was the world’s first titling bridge. It’s also known as the blinking eye. When boats are due to go underneath the bridge, the alarm sounds and everyone has to leave the walkway. Once clear, the bridge completely title, allowing for safe passage of the boats beneath.
  • Jimi Hendrix was discovered by a Newcastle producer playing a tiny gig in New York in 1977. He promptly invited him to the city and he used to busk (BUSK!!!) at Heaton’s.  TTB thinks he must have made lots of money.

Do you have any other fascinating facts about Newcastle to share with The Travel Bug?





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