TTB’s 3 Fascinating Facts about Brussels

‘Travel Bug recently enjoyed a week in Brussels. In between eating waffles and drinking beer, he managed to find out these fascinating facts…’


Brussels is world famous for one of its symbols, which happens to be a statue of a little boy peeing into a fountain. While The Travel Bug was quite pleased to see that other people enjoy worshipping things that aren’t necessarily human, he much preferred the little boy’s doggo, who also has a statue.  Zinneke Pis (canine companion of Mannekin Pis) is the best boy The Travel Bug has ever met. Even if he was peeing against a bollard at the time they met.


Travel Bug’s humans seemed to be very excited about the possibility of being surrounded by chocolate for their holiday.  However, TTB prefers midget gems for munching on. Anyway, Brussels is very famous for its slew of quality chocolate producers, such as Godiva.  The good people of the city (and surrounding nation) eat more than anyone else! The way Travel Bug’s Dad was getting through chocolate covered waffles, he doubts that very much.

Comic Strips

Brussels is famous for its comic strips.  It’s home to a few major players, such as Asterix and Tin Tin (with his lovely little dog, Snowy). The city is so famous for comic book production that it even has an official comic book route! This comprises 37 huuuuge murals on buildings in the capital and Travel Bug highly recommends it as a way to spend a couple of hours.  He also made his parents walk around it in the hope they’d burn off some of the calories they took in from eating all that chocolate…

Do you have any other fascinating facts about Brussels to share with The Travel Bug??

Adios y hasta pronto, mi amigos!






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