Naples: TTB’s 3 Fascinating Facts

‘The Travel Bug loves ‘splorin’ with his favourite humans and he’s a big fan of Italy. This is what he learned on his trip to Naples…’

Over the past few years, he’s been lucky enough to travel all over the country on his holidays and recently bagged himself some last minute flights and a nice AirBnB in Naples.  While out eating pizza and drinking too much Limoncello, this is what he found out…

Birthplace of Pizza

The world’s first EVER pizzeria, Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba, was opened in 1830. This makes Naples the official home of pizza. The original pizzeria is still operating today. The classic Margerhita pizza was named after Queen Margherita Theresa Goivanni, after she visited the city.  Travel Bug loves pizza and thinks he should probably also have a pie named after him.  He’s absolutely certain Bug Pizza would be a huge hit with tourists. Probably…

See Naples And Die

There’s a famous saying in Italy that states: ‘See Naples And Die’.  Because Naples is so beautiful, you can drop dead when you’ve seen it, apparently.  TTB is a *touch* worried about this cos he’s got a birthday party next weekend in Wales and he’s really excited about going.


Naples sits in the ‘Red Zone’ at the base of Mount Vesuvius volcano.  This means it’s very unlikely to survive the impact of another eruption, like the one that devastated Pompeii.  In order to make sure they can give as much notice as possible of another eruption, Vesuvius Observatory monitors the volcano 24 hours a day.  TTB actually climbed up the side of the volcano on his trip. The photo of him on this post is when he was sitting having a rest at the top. Travel Bug wants you to know that it’s very, very steep and that you might have to sleep for 15 hours when you get home.

Do you have any other fascinating facts about Naples to share with The Travel Bug?






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