The Ultimate US Road Trip Game

‘As much as I adore a road trip across the United States, there’s no denying that things can get a little tedious on the days when you’re constantly on the move…’

When my step-son was young and we were on a road trip Scotland, we’d spot buses. He was obsessed with them and I won’t pretend to know why.  When he got older, we progressed to playing The Yellow Card game.  We would amuse ourselves, screaming across the car, racking up 10 points being the first to spot anything on four wheels that was even the slightest *hint* of the colour.

These days, Josh is 18 and way too cool to be playing any of this stuff.   So, me and Les have devised our own game for endless stints along endlessly long, straight US Highways.  Instead of yellow cars, however, we stick to classic American things that can’t be seen in the UK.  We do amend the rules, depending on where we are as some things are state specific (Whataburger in Texas, for example). Let me tell you, though – it can get rather competitive…. There’s automatic disqualification for anyone who says three times: ‘Well, I couldn’t see that, could I?  I mean, I’m driving!’

Points mean (no) prizes…

10 points are awarded for the following sights*

*U-Haul Trailers

*Greyhound Buses

*State Line Signage

*Black Cadillacs

*Little Red Wagons

*Signs for British Place Names

*Any Place Mentioned in a Country Song

*Any City of Town in a Movie Name

*Water Towers/Grain Elevators

*Roads with President’s Names

*Cotton Fields

*Stadiums (Nascar, Speedway, NFL, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball…basically anything will do)

*Airstream Caravans

*Any Signage for Gun or Ammo Shows (probably don’t drive too close, though…)

*Religious Signage/Imagery (if you’re in the South, prepare to be pretty busy).

I guarantee that this little game will makes all those hundreds of miles fly by.  Mainly because even the most remote roads always have the possibility of a Seven Day Adventist Church.  On occasion, you’ll find a billboard for the Top of Texas Catholic Superstore (seriously, it’s in Memphis, Texas and it’s EPIC). No word on whether you can access the site if you happen to be a Protestant or Quaker or whatever. I I didn’t want to risk it on the off chance I’d be struck down and sent to the burny fire. Click on the link at your own risk – I take NO responsibility for what might happen to you.

What other sights do you suggest adding to the road trip Game??

Suz x


*1 million points is awarded for spotting a black Cadillac, towing an airstream, in a town with a British place name, parked outside a stadium next to a cotton field.


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