TTB’s 3 Fascinating Facts about Amarillo

So, Travel Bug and his humans are huge country music fans, so the little guy could hardly wait to see the Amarillo Sky that he’s been hearing Jason Aldean singing about for so many years.  However, he also knows that he can’t be slacking on his road trip as his fascinating facts won’t uncover themselves, will they?

Nuclear Weapons

TTB knows that Americans are quite fond of their weapons, but Amarillo is home to the largest nuclear assembly plants in the entire country.   He reckons he might be nice to everyone he meets while he’s staying in the city…just in case.

Cadillac Ranch

The outskirts of the city is home to Cadillac Ranch, which is situated along the old Route 66 road.  The ranch is a very famous piece of public art, which is made up of a line of classic Cadillacs, all planted in the ground with their ends sticking out.  All the cars are brightly spray painted and visitors are even allowed to add their own messages. The Travel Bug asked his humans if he could write his name, but they said he’s too small for spray paint and that he should stick to crayons.

Big Texas Steak Ranch

Just up from TTB’s hotel room in Amarillo is the Big Texas Steak Ranch, which offers a 72 ounce steak challenge.  If any visitor can eat the whole steak and sides within an hour, they can have it for free.  Travel Bug wanted his human dad to take the challenge (it’s not for bugs, apparently…), but he was too sick during their stay and so neither of them got to show the world just how good they are at eating carne.

Do you have any other fascinating facts about Amarillo to share with The Travel Bug?

Hasta pronto, amigos…



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