‘The Travel Bug flew into Texas to uncover some fascinating facts about Houston. He spent his time flying around the city, chatting to Texan bugs…’


Houston is the second fastest growing city in the US (New York is top) and is likely to take over from Chicago as the third largest city in the States. It’s also the most culturally diverse city; beating out L.A and New York.

There are more 90 languages spoken in the city and surrounding metro area. Travel Bug was speaking Spanish all through his visit and he doesn’t get to do that very much when he’s back home in Wales. Te Quiero, Houston.


Houston is the location of the very first Mandir in America. A mandir is a Hindu temple and place of worship. The Sri, which is located in the Stafford suburb of the city of Houston was constructed with imported limestone and marble from Italy and Turkey. You don’t have to be Hindu to visit, however.

Even little bugs can go in if they’re well behaved.  They do have to ensure that they stick to the temple’s code of conduct, just like humans.


The Texas Medical Centre is the largest medical facility in the world.  It coves 50 MILLION square feet.  Travel Bug thinks this might be bigger than his entire hometown, but he’s not sure.

The Medical Centre employs more than 100,000 staff and students.  Travel Bug didn’t get a chance to visit as there were a few signs saying that bugs weren’t welcome.  He was rather upset as he’s a very friendly little boy.  However, he did see lots of medical students in scrubs riding home on the Houston metro.

They looked just as tired as his human Dad does after he comes back from being a Doctor all day.  TTB hopes they have a nice bug in their house to speak to when they get home.

Do you have any other fascinating facts about Houston for The Travel Bug?

Adios amigos…hasta pronto!