Paris, Texas: TTB’s 3 Fascinating Facts

‘The Travel Bug flew into USA and spent his first day in the Lone Star state, exploring the city of Paris, Texas.  These are the fascinating facts he uncovered…’

Eiffel Tower

Paris, Texas is the seat of Lamar County in the east of the state and the city carries the slogan of ‘The Second Biggest Paris in the World’. The Travel Bug has been to visit the original Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, so was rather excited to learn that Paris, Texas also has one! He was even more excited to see that *this* one had a big red Stetson sitting on top of it, in true Texan style. Travel Bug spotted the Eiffel Tower from the car and made his humans pull over so he could get his photo taken.  The French Eiffel Tower doesn’t have any kind of hat.  Not even a beret.

Jesus Sandals?

The Travel Bug knows that Texans have a love of all things country.   He wasn’t really that surprised when he went to Evergreen Cemetery in Paris, Texas and saw a statue of Jesus.  He was surprised, however, to see that he was wearing cowboy boots. TTB always thought Jesus wore sandals, but apparently not in Texas. Just shows you how wrong you can be, huh?

Dark Past

Paris, Texas was the setting for a quadruple murder back in October 2013, which still remains unsolved today. Four young black men were shot and killed in a house in the city and there are no suspects or clues about what took place. TTB doesn’t much like the thought of that, so he stayed in his human’s bag for a little while before heading back to Dallas.

Do you have any more fascinating facts about Paris, Texas to share with The Travel Bug?

Adios, amigos…hasta pronto!





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