‘When I go on holiday, I want to relax and NOT have to bother with the stuff I have to do on a regular day. This means my holiday wardrobe is generally a simple affair…’

I’m am a massive fan of doing all the things I *don’t* get to do in a normal 24 hours. Like drinking during office hours, for example. Or getting out of bed at after 8am. I have absolutely no desire to blow dry my hair or cover myself in make-up to any particular extent as I’m on holiday. This attitude is reflected in holiday wardrobe. Also, I find that if I *do* make the effort, my husband thinks I’m willing to have my picture taken. He’s wrong.

In terms of packing for my travels, I generally find if I can answer ‘No’ to the question; ‘Do you really need those shoes/dresses/cosmetics?’ then I don’t wedge them into my case. My motto is: If you don’t need ‘em? Don’t pack ‘em. A bit of smart packing is always the way to go. This will save you having to work out like The Rock just to have the strength and stamina to wheel your case through the departure lounge.


I don’t wear heels on holiday because I walk everywhere. I need a variety of flat shoes (including flip-flops, obviously, because I’m not a monster). These must be in fairly neutral colours so that I can team them up with anything I wear. My holiday shoes consist of the scabbiest, skankiest flip flops you’ve ever seen (I just can’t part with them…they’ve been around the globe), some slightly less worn-out flats, and some smart flats. All are black, blue or nude and will match every combination in my holiday wardrobe.


‘I’m a sucker for a summer dress and have…oooh, about 3 million of them in every colour imaginable…’

I always pack a variety of lengths and styles, which range from strapless to full shoulders. I will automatically go for something that doesn’t require any special bra because OMG the hassle. My dresses are cotton or any other fabric that doesn’t require ironing. This means they exit my case looking pretty much the same as it did when they were rolled up and stuffed in. My dresses tend to be bright and colourful and come in an array of bold patterns and designs. This is mainly because I’m safe in the knowledge that the rest of my case is packed with neutral colour. Therefore, I won’t be alarming locals as they approach me on the street by sporting too many different designs at once.


‘Note that this is the singular version of the word.  One holiday wardrobe handbag is more than enough as far as I’m concerned. This must be an over body style so that it attaches to my person and leaves my hands free for drinks’

I need a zip and several internal compartments for cards, passports, tickets and other such necessities (read: emergency wine money). If my important documents are safe, I’m relaxed and more likely to enjoy myself. Obviously, the bag must also be neutral in colour. This way, It’ll match whatever I happen to have cobbled together that morning.


This is a holiday wardrobe staple and a very loose term for anything that resembles a jacket, cardigan or wrap. I take several small waist length shawls or cardigans with me.  Obviously, this is dependent on where I’m going, because Stockholm in winter requires *slightly* more, for example.  Again, all are generally neutral in colour and this allows me to mix and match with different dresses and shoe combinations.


When I find a vest I like, I buy it in every shade available. I feel much the same when it comes to short joggers for lounging around in and these are always included in my holiday wardrobe. Although I’m generally very active on holiday, I do come back to the apartment and get changed into my ‘leisure wear’.

This consists of a vest and either jammas or a pair of light joggers. If I’m being honest, if it was more socially acceptable, I’d wear them constantly. But, alas, the world still dictates that I should be ‘suitably dressed’ for venturing outside. When I’m in charge, things will be different, just wait and see. Under my rule, it’ll be mandatory to be without makeup and wear flip-flops every day or risk being locked up.

What do you pack in your holiday wardrobe?


Suz x