Roswell: Travel Bug's 3 Fascinating Facts

Roswell: TTB’s 3 Fascinating Facts

‘Roswell is a city in the south eastern portion of New Mexico, located along the famous Route 66…’

Apart from its small town charm, sun, and friendly residents, Roswell is most famous for being the alleged site of a UFO crash that took place back in 1947. The city is now synonymous with all things extra terrestrial, and you’re hard pushed to go anywhere without bumping into a little green man, even if he is just the statue in your hotel lobby.

The Travel Bug was a bit reluctant to go exploring around Roswell because he thought he might get abducted by aliens or end up stuck in the Upside Down.  He watches Netflix – he knows what’s going on in the world…


Travel Bug knew he would have to investigate this himself, a bit like the boys in Stranger Things, so he got on his bike and pedalled to the Hawkins Laboratory.   He actually went to the UFO Museum.  Also; he didn’t pedal.  He made his humans drive him there so no one could snatch him on the way…

Way back in 1947, a long time before Travel Bug was produced in a factory in Wakefield, England and then displayed on a shelf in a national retail chain born, a local man rancher found unidentified debris on his land outside of Roswell.  He thought it was a UFO, but The Government insisted it was the remains of a weather balloon.  The incident has led to more than 50 years of speculation about the existence of aliens and how much those in power in the US *really* know about them…  TTB doesn’t much like aliens, but he does prefer them to demogorgons….


Now, the Travel Bug LOVES his carne, so when he found out that McDonald’s in Roswell is VERY famous, he knew he had to check it out.  He was a little bit disappointed to find out that it was the building, rather than the burgers that it’s famous for.  Roswell is the only McDonald’s in the world that doesn’t stick rigidly to the usual outlet design.  This is because it’s designed to look like a spaceship!  TTB and his humans thought it was pretty cool and give a big thumbs (and tiny bug arms) up to McDonald’s for getting involved in the local community in such a bizarre way.


This park in Roswell is strange in the fact that is has a piece of the Berlin Wall in it. Travel Bug initially wondered if someone stole a bit and took it home, but the local bugs told him that the German Army actually presented it to the American Military.  They then put it on display so that little bugs and their humans could come and see it.  Roswell has a long history of military action and training and was the location, for many years, of  Walker Air Force Base. Roswell was also the home and take off station of the infamous Enola Gay aircraft…

Do you have any other fascinating facts about Roswell to share with The Travel Bug??

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Hasta pronto, amigos!


TTB xx


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