A Countryside Retreat

‘A countryside retreat is usually the last thing that people think of for a holiday. People always go for the beach holidays, or one where it’s a bit more commercialised with more touristy things to do..’

But a countryside retreat should be treasured. It is one of the most relaxing breaks you can take, and it often gives you a new perspective. It gives you a chance to return to nature, and forget about all the worries of a commercialised life. If we haven’t convinced you already, here’s why we think you should chose a countryside retreat as your next holiday adventure.

Things To Do

People always assume that just because you’ll be out in the sticks that there isn’t going to be something to do, this is the most inaccurate conception about a holiday that there is. With a countryside retreat you’ll find plenty of activities. From a leisurely bike ride through the hills, to a stroll along a secluded beach that might be close to your cottage our house. That’s the other great thing about a countryside retreat, the accommodation you’ll be able to stop in will usually be so rustic and beautiful. There are plenty of large holiday cottages for rent that you could take your whole family to, or even a bunch of friends if you’re looking for a bit of a quiet escape. A lot of the cottages are situated within an area that gives you plenty to do in terms of food and drinks as well. It won’t be commercialised, it’ll usually be pubs and bars that are independently run, cooking some of the best home food you’ll have ever had in your life. There will also be more adventurous things to do such as kayaking, climbing, or even cliff diving if you go to the right place and the weather is good enough.

A Countryside Retreat

Quality Time

Because you’re not constantly surrounded by people, this idea for a holiday is one of the best ways you’re going to be able to spend some quality time with the people you love, no matter who it is. There will often be no signal for you to constantly be on your phone. Those strolls along the beach that we’ve mentioned will be nice to actually talk about the things that matter in life with no distractions. It can actually help you get to know a person like you never have before. It often brings out the true side of people.

Peace & Quiet 

As we’ve mentioned, you won’t be surrounded by people, and at night you often won’t even hear a peep. To some that will be eerie, but to others it is the perfect way to get some true peace and quiet. A countryside retreat is the perfect way to see the nights sky in all its glory. It isn’t obscured by the bright lights of a city, and the stars are often so clear. It gives you the perfect chance to feel at one with nature and yourself, plus, it makes for the perfect campfire with some ‘smores looking up at the bright nights sky.


Suzanne x


**This post was written in collaboration and contains affiliate links**


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