Marrakesh: Travel Bug's 3 Fascinating Facts

Marrakesh: Travel Bug’s 3 Fascinating Facts

‘The Travel Bug recently turned 4, so he made his humans take him for a few days exploring in the Red City of Marrakesh…’

While drinking peppermint tea and enjoying views of the Atlas Mountains, this is what our explorer uncovered…’

Argan Oil

Argan Oil is native to Morocco and, although in the U.K, human ladies often buy it to keep their hair shiny and healthy, Moroccan humans use also use it for cooking or accompanying meals. For breakfast in Marrakesh, it’s common to have plain Argan oil to dip bread in, or a paste is made with the oil, garlic and ground almonds.  Travel Bug likes bread, but not quite as much as carne.

Marjorelle Blue

Marrakesh is a very colourful city and there’s a lot of blue around. From doorways, fencing, rugs, pots, crockery and anything else you can fly over.  Morocco is famous for a specific shade of blue, known as Marjorelle Blue, after Jaques Marjorelle, a famous French artist. TTB would like to rename this ‘Travel Bug Blue’ as he thinks it’s sounds much better.


Although French is pretty widely spoken in Marrakesh (and throughout Morocco), it is not classed as an official language. The recognised languages of Morocco are Arabic and Berber. The Travel Bug only speaks Spanish and English, but he heard a little bit of this as he was floating around the city.  This was mainly from his humans.

Do you have any other Fascinating facts about Marrakesh or Morocco to share with The Travel Bug??


Hasta pronto, mi amigos!



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