Canberra: Finding Fun In Australia's Capital City

Canberra: Finding Fun In Australia’s Capital City

‘When asked what the capital city of Australia is, a lot of people will instantly jump to either Sydney or Melbourne, assuming that the largest and most famous would be the city in charge of this role…’

In reality, though, it is neither of these places, instead finding its home in the city of Canberra. While not a lot of people know too much about this place, it is still a great place to visit. To give you an idea of what this city has on offer, this post will be exploring several of the options you have available.

Parliament House

Inheriting a mix of diplomatic processes and methods from a range of different countries, Australia’s Parliament can be very interesting. Arguments are very regular, and important issues are discussed on a daily basis, making this important part of the country into a great place to visit as a tourist.

The National Gallery

Most countries will have a national gallery in their capital city, and Australia is no different. This venue is filled with artwork from across the country, along with pieces which have been given as gifts from other parts of the world. Not only is this a collection of paintings and artwork, but it is also a reflection of the history of the place. This makes it a great place for anyone who loves to learn on their vacations.

Australian War Memorial

Likewise, as another place for some learning, albeit a little more somber, the War Memorial is a collection of different things. Acting as a tool to remind the Australian people of the sacrifices brave soldiers have made fighting for them, this place is filled with information about the wars they have been part of. Along with this, it can give you a good insight into the people behind a conflict.


This option is a little more focused towards the kids, and will be great for families to enjoy together. Questacon is a science museum which is filled with interactive exhibits for children to play with. Promoting curiosity and a passion for learning, this sort of place is a great one to try when you are on vacation, even if you’d rather stay by the pool.

National Arboretum

Trees play an important role around the world. As a celebration of this and an effort to preserve Australia’s natural beauty, the National Arboretum is a vast area of protected space which is filled with interesting and unique plant life. You can find serviced apartments in Canberra which provide unrivalled access to these spaces. Unlike much of this country, this area is nice and green, and is sure to inspire anyone into not wanting to go home.

Hopefully, this post will leave you feeling inspired to start planning your next vacation to Australia. There is loads to do in the city of Canberra, and this post has barely scratched the surface. To make sure you don’t miss out, it will be worth doing plenty of research before you set off.


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*this post was written in collaboration*


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