Barcelona: Travel Bug's 3 Fascinating Facts

Barcelona: Travel Bug’s 3 Fascinating Facts

‘Travel Bug loves a city break, so when he realised he could get a great deal on a trip to Barcelona, he packed up his shell and set off for Spain…

La Sagrada Familia

The jaw-dropping Barcelona Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage site and it’s not even finished yet!  Sagrada Familia was the vision of world-renowned Spanish architect, Antoni Gaudi and has, to date, taken longer to construct that the Great Pyramids at Giza. Travel Bug thinks the workers should stop drinking so much tea and go a little bit faster…


Before hosting the Summer Olympics in 1992, there were no beaches in Barcelona. These days, that seems a little bit odd, considering they have a ton of them. Before the games, the coastline was just jaggy rock (ouch!). Travel Bug doesn’t much like the beach because he gets sand in his shell, but he’s very pleased for all the Barcelona humans   Not only have they created beaches, the city is now considered to have some of the best in Europe.

Funeral Carriages

Barcelona is home to Europe’s one and only museum dedicated to funeral carriages. Travel Bug doesn’t quite understand this because, when bugs die, they don’t get any kind of procession down the street.  However, he knows that other people like that stuff. It still seems a bit strange to him that there’s a whole museum dedicated to carriages for dead people but, if he knows anything about humans, it’s that they’re a wee bit strange…

Do you have any other fascinating facts about Barcelona to share with the Travel Bug?

Hasta pronto, mi amigos!





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