Caernarfon: Tafarn y Porth

Caernarfon: Tafarn y Porth

‘Caernarfon is a mid-sized town in the Gwynedd region of North Wales and sits across the Menai Strait from the Isle of Anglesey…’

The jewel in Caernarfon’s crown is undoubtedly it’s fabulously well-preserved castle, but I am very fond of wandering around its small town centre, indulging in a spot of shopping, eating and drinking in the shadows of the ancient castle.

Tafarn y Porth in the town is a chain pub/restaurant owned by JD Wetherspoons, and is positioned along by the east gate of Caernarfon Castle.

The pub is a massive space (deceptively so, after looking at the outside) and has a lovely relaxed atmosphere, which is just what we were looking for on a chilled out Saturday afternoon. With a large bar area at the front of the pub, a restaurant area in the middle and back, and a beautifully kitted out beer garden and deck outside, it was pretty easy to see why the place was so busy at noon on a weekend.

It was also lovely to note that the clientele was in distinctly different sets. From couples like my husband and I, to families with kids sitting down for lunch, to dog walkers who had stopped (with their besties) for a quick pint, to a young man who was taking his grandmother out for lunch; Tafarn y Porth gave the impression that it was very much used by all sections of the community. Whether Nain is still there with her grandson at midnight on a Saturday is another story entirely.

Caernarfon: Tafarn y Porth
it took two of us to finish this…

There are constantly plenty of special offers on for food and drinks in Wetherspoons chains and this was no different. For a massive burger (I’m not even kidding; this thing was a monster), with chips and onion rings, a large white wine and a large cappuccino, we paid a grand total of £9.20 and spent a happy hour chatting and (when I thought my husband wasn’t looking) sneaking glances at the huge flatscreen tv showing the football fixtures for the day.

Aside from the food and the atmosphere, one of the best things about Tafarn y Porth (oh, and the ladies bathrooms are pretty sweet, too) was the service. We were ably assisted by young members of staff who were absolutely superb in every way.

Having spent years inspecting customer service for a living, I was extremely impressed by their attention to detail and general demeanour. It doesn’t matter how good your food is if your staff is miserable and nothing dissuades returning customers more than bad or inattentive service.

Caernarfon: Tafarn y Porth


Luckily, everything was very much in order and I look forward to going back to test out another enormous meal very soon.


Suz xx


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