Vilnius: Travel Bug’s 3 Fascinating Facts

‘The Travel Bug loves nothing more than exploring new cities…’

While he was on his holidays in Riga recently, he checked the local Bug Bus timetable and realised he could hop a ride to Vilnius in Lithuania for a day’s exploring.  After ditching his humans in a local cafe (they can’t fly and they hold him back…), he unearthed these fascinating facts:

Hot Air Balloons

Vilnius is one of the only cities in Europe where people can jump in a hot air balloon and take to the skies. The Travel Bug isn’t sure how feels about this as he quite likes flying around without trying to avoid humans in the air.  He’d prefer that humans did their flying somewhere he doesn’t want to visit.  Like Chernobyl.  Or Dundee.


The University of Vilnius was the first uni in Eastern Europe and was founded waaaay back in 1579 (before Travel Bug’s humans were even born…).  One of it’s most famous honorary Doctors is form Czechoslovakian and Czech Republic President, Vaclav Havel, who died in 2011.

Green River

The River Vilnele is dyed bright green each year in celebration of St Patrick’s Day. The idea started in Chicago in the 1960s, when a harmless way of colouring the water was discovered, ironically, by Irishmen.  St Paddy’s Day is very popular in Vilnius (probably because of all the beer) and Lithuanians celebrate with parades around the city.  TTB thinks he might have to come back and take part next year.


Do you have any other fascinating facts about Vilnius to share with The Travel Bug?

Hasta pronto, amigos!




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