‘We all have experiences that annoy or upset us when things don’t go exactly as planned on holiday.  For some, it’s the company that’s lacking; for others, it comes down to accommodation…’

MoneyPod recently conducted a survey of 1000 men and women across the UK to ascertain *just* what ticks them off about different aspects of their vacations. These are the pet peeves of Brits abroad… 

Where do you stand?  Would you let a bad shower or cheap loo roll spoil your trip?  And, more importantly, are you amongst the 30% of people who think it’s acceptable to have a drink in the airport before boarding your flight?? (I’m firmly in this group…)

The results are in…

I’d like to have a word with the women who find budgie smugglers a turn on.  Who ARE these people?


Suzanne x



**This post was written in collaboration with Money Pod, but is NOT a sponsored post**