‘We’ve all met various traveller types when we’re exploring our chosen destinations. Some are quiet and friendly and others are, well….not so much’

Which category do you fall in to?

The Romantics

This is the couple who can’t leave each other’s side and take non stop selfies at every opportunity.

They’re usually a young couple, who haven’t been together that long and spend hours gazing into each other’s eyes at every available moment.

They have more interest in taking a good photo to commemorate their trip than actually seeing their surroundings.  These are the traveller types that usually keep to themselves because they only have eyes for each other.

The ‘Been There, Done That’

You know the type; they’ve been everywhere and had every single experience in the entire world.

The BTDT isn’t always as well informed as they think they are.  However, you do usually have to stand and listen to their lengthy tales to discover this for yourself.

This traveller is harmless, but likes to tell you where you should be going and what to do when you’re there.  Is generally extroverted and extremely chatty.

The Can’t Sit Still

This person plans all kind of details of their holiday before they do and has a tight schedule for every day.

They’re generally kitted out with itineraries and maps and are often too organised for their own good.  Always wears clothes with lots of pockets.

While they have the right idea and like get the most of trip, travelling with them can result in needing a holiday when you get home.  Can be very tiring to be around and struggle to be deviate from their plans.

The Instagrammer

This is the traveller (often young and female) whose entire trip revolves around getting quirky instagrammable shots to upload online.

You will often find these people sitting in the trendy areas of town, with full makeup in 90 degree heat, posing on a balcony with massively over lined lips that make them look like they’ve been stung by a bee.

They won’t often see the sights, unless it’s for a photograph, and you will generally find them next to famous buildings or anywhere they can catch a sunset shot.  Often wears shoes which are completely inappropriate for, well…anything, really.   Is usually a fan of poses that involve looking back over one shoulder.

The Historian/Culture Vulture

The historian is someone who reads about where they’re going and researches the local area before they arrive.  They are usually upwardly mobile and well educated.

This is the person who will happily spend all day wandering around an art gallery, or looking at gargoyles on the façade of the local cathedral.  Always has a guide book to hand.

Historians will enjoy quiet evenings with glasses of wine and olives on sun dappled patios in a nice area of town, often with a book. Quiet and unobtrusive, but gets animated when talking about their passion for history and culture.

The Stag Do/Hen Night/Lads Holiday

This the group of people who sit in the bar at the airport wearing matching t-shirts with ‘Big Dave’s Stag’ or similar on them. This is the group you desperately hope isn’t on your flight.

Usually heard before they’re seen and often spotted carrying buckets of change and waving magic wands and wearing veils or L Plates (the women, not the men…).

Mostly don’t make any appearance until after noon, when the previous day’s hangover has subsided enough to allow them to have another drink.  Keen on cat calling random strangers late at night on their way back from another session at the pub.  Often found in Benidorm, Malaga, Prague and Krakow.

The Easy Going Traveller

These are the traveller types who love exploring but don’t have a fixed idea of what they want to do.  They like to take it easy and decide their days plans according to how they feel.

This traveller is up for anything and likes a good mix of culture, sightseeing and bars.

You never know when this traveller will appear, but they’re generally quiet and very well behaved.

The Health Nut/Keep Fit Enthusiast

This is the super-fit, gym bunny who refuses to take time off.  You will often see this person running along the beach/promenade early in the morning. You’ll spot them doing this while you’re still in your jammies, drinking your first coffee, complete with crazy bed head and yesterday’s mascara under your eyes.

This traveller eats well and works out throughout their trip. They never have trouble finding food that isn’t calorie laden and smothered with cheese, regardless of where they go.

This person will not be spotted falling out of bars at 3am because they’ll be back in the gym by 7am.  The male of this species is fond of tight fitting t-shirts on the occasion they bother wearing one at all.

This traveller is often accompanied by a partner of the same ilk.

Which category do you fall in to?


Suz x