‘With around 300 native ethnic groups and over 740 different languages and dialects, it’s no wonder that Indonesia has so many different names…’

One of its earliest names refers to the island of Java and calls the Indonesia archipelago Yavadvipa – Java Island –  in one of India’s earliest epic stories.

Another name that this beautiful country has received through its history is Golden Island, Suvarnadvipa. Even Ptolemy mentioned Jabadia, the barley island – which is a derived name from the island of Java – in a geography manual of the Roman Empire.

In fact, with each new person who has discovered Indonesia, a new name was created, each trying to describe the beauty of this region in their own language. But here’s the thing about Indonesia: you can’t describe it. You need to experience it.

Unlike other holidays, it’s a place that can change you significantly from within. It’s not just a journey to visit Southeast Asia. It’s a journey to your inner self.

It takes you away from your routine

Ultimately, if you’re used to your daily routine – coffee, car and office – you’ll be surprised by how different Indonesia is. There’s no other way to put it: it’s a culture shock like you’ve never experienced before. But it also acts as a wakeup call to help you to get rid of all the harmful habits of the modern Western lifestyle.

You don’t need to eat your lunch in a few minutes at your desk or to rush through your day with a smartphone in your hand. In Indonesia, you can take a break. Everything has a slow pace in this region, and you’ll find it beneficial for your mental health.

You might be surprised at first to meet people smiling at you and greeting you, as it’s a habit that modern towns in the West have lost. But embrace the cultural shock and let it guide you to find your inner values.

It makes you feel like a prince/ princess

While flying to Indonesia is expensive – after all, it’s not exactly your typical charter flight to a neighbouring town – everything else in Indonesia is affordable. You’ll find luxury holiday villas in Seminyak, Bali, to share for less than £50 per night. If you’ve been struggling with stress issues, there’s nothing better to let go of your worries than relaxing in your own swimming pool while watching the sun goes down on the beach.

Breathe in, breathe out, and let feel the anxiety disappear in your heart as you begin to look after yourself.  

You learn inner peace and balance

Last, but not least, Bali is one of the hotspots for yoga classes and yoga retreats. Let yourself embrace a different form of relaxation as you join a group of beach yoga. Listen to your breath, feel the wind in your air and watch the sea take your worries away.

Of all the places to learn to master yoga, Bali is by far a favourite. It adds a context that you can’t find in any other yoga classes in town. It blends perfectly into the ambient serenity of the place.

In short, there is more to Indonesia than just fantastic views. It’s a place of self-discovery and self-healing. It’s a place that makes you better.


Suz x


*This post was written in collaboration*