Alternative Activities to Incorporate Into Your Vacation

‘When it comes to vacations, the majority of us tend to spend most of our time lounging by a pool or paddling in the sea. But this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case!…’

There are plenty of alternative activities that you can try out while you’re away! Here are just two options for you to consider!

Alternative Activities to Incorporate Into Your Vacation


We listen to music a whole lot more than we may initially realise. Think about it. We turn on playlists of our favourite artists and genres at pretty much any given moment – in the shower, while we’re getting ready to go out, on public transport or in our car…

We live our lives to soundtracks of our own making. So why not make a trip dedicated to the music itself while you’re looking at heading away? Take a look where your favourite band are playing overseas and arrange to go and see them.

Alternatively, you could see who’s playing in the area of a trip that you intend to take. Gigs and concerts are some of the best ways to hear the acts you love around other people who have the exact same taste as you.

This results in a buzzing atmosphere that will leave you feeling thrilled. Live music shows are also a great way to find new and upcoming artists who you may have never heard of before, whether you head in early to catch the support act or go to an open mic night.

For large scale events, always make sure to use reliable ticket sellers or sources such as The Ticket Merchant. Chances are that the tickets aren’t going to come cheap, so you want to ensure that they are the real deal and will be legitimate and accepted on the door.

For smaller scale events, you can generally turn up and pay on the door, as they don’t draw as large crowds.

Alternative Activities to Incorporate Into Your Vacation

Rock Climbing

If you want to feel active for an afternoon or a day, you can try exerting yourself physically through rock climbing activities.

If you’re already into climbing, you’re probably pretty set and ready to go. But, if you’ve never tried climbing before, you don’t necessarily have to rule yourself out of this kind of trip. There are plenty of ways to prepare yourself.

Perhaps the easiest and safest way to get into rock climbing is to participate in indoor climbing closer to home first. Your first visit may feel a little intimidating, but it will be more than worth the effort, as nine times out of ten you’re going to love the activity – it can prove pretty exciting.

What’s more? You’ll be set up with all of the safety equipment and supervision that you could possibly need, so you needn’t worry about falling from a height or getting hurt.  A tutor will be able to guide you step by step through all of the basic moves, meaning you add some to your inventory every visit.

These may be extremely different activities to one another but it just shows the sheer diversity of what you can get up to while you’re away other than splashing in the pool or sunbathing on the beach!

What are your favourite alternative activities?


Suz xx


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