‘The Travel Bug recently touched down in the state of Texas to discover some fascinating facts about San Antonio…’

These are the fascinating facts about San Antonio our little bug uncovered on his latest mission…

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy managed to get himself banned from San Antonio for a full decade after he peed at The Alamo.  The people of San Antonio and Texas did not like this at ALL.

Travel Bug knows full well that you should never pee on anything that people like because it’s really naughty.  Also: you won’t get any carne.

Sea World

Sea World in SA is the largest marine park on the entire planet.  Travel Bug has a pond in his garden and he thinks that’s huge (it’s also full of fish…), so he can’t deal with just how big Sea World is.

There are fish there, too, but they’re a bit less friendly than the ones in TTB’s back garden.  Travel Bug wonders if Sea World has a pet fish like his.  His pet is a koi carp called Gareth Whale, after his favourite Welsh football star.

Tower of the Americas

Looking over the city of San Antonio is the very, very big Tower of the Americas.  Travel Bug went all the way to the top (he didn’t fly; he made his humans take him in the lift…)

The Tower is the tallest building in San Antonio, but only the 27th tallest in the state of Texas.  The distance from the ground to the top of the antennae of the tower is a whopping 750ft.

Do you have any other fascinating facts about San Antonio to share with Travel Bug?


Hasta pronto, amigos!


TTB xx