‘On the Main Street in Downtown Las Vegas, New Mexico is Plaza Drugs. This gorgeously retro building serves as both a spacious cafe and a working pharmacy…’

Meds and Coffee…

Basically, should you ever find yourself in Las Vegas, New Mexico, you can order your meds and have an ice cream float while you wait. Unless, of course, you’re picking up tablets for diabetes. In that case, you should probably just get a black coffee and no cake.

I can say for certain that, if I had this store in my hometown, gone would be the days of me getting restless like I do in my local pharmacy.  At present, I read the instructions on the back of all the med boxes in an attempt to pass this time between handing in my prescription and receiving my meds.

If Plaza Drugs was my local pharmacy, I’d be swanning in, grinning like a maniac. I’d be all ‘Hey Betty, I’ve got a big order today, so why don’t you brew me up a latte and grab me one of those muffins? It’s going to be a long wait’. Or, you know, something like that.

Anyway, my vision of how my life in small-town America would be aside, I loved everything about Plaza Drugs and its vintage, Americana interior. It reminded me of something that wouldn’t have been out of place in a scene from It’s A Wonderful Life.  Without all the snow, obviously.

The store has beautiful shiny wooden floors and walls adorned with wonderful old Coca-Cola signs.  There’s also a fabulous 25c gumball machine and the whole inside very much matches the street outside and doesn’t feel even a little bit out of place.  It’s just fantastic.

From a menu of sodas, ice cream, nachos and pickles, amongst others.  The whole vibe is of long-forgotten days, where kids could play on the street outside after school without worry. In short; it feels like a real community place where everyone probably knows each other and everyone is connected in some way.

Rural life…

I bet it’s a bit like living in my village in rural North Wales. If I tell a colleague that I met Daffyd from Dinas, my colleague starts talking and I realise that you not only know Daffyd, but his sister, his Dad’s brother’s wife’s second cousin, and his best mate. Also: remember when you petted that dog in town last week? That’s his, too.

Small towns are fun, folks! Parking on the wonderfully peaceful and atmospheric Main Street was free (if I recall correctly. If it wasn’t, I’d like to apologise for flagrantly flouting the laws of Las Vegas, New Mexico).

Plaza Drugs sits on the corner of Bridge Street, just steps from the main drag. It’s well worth swinging off the Interstate for.

Have you visited Plaza Drugs in Las Vegas, New Mexico?


Suz x