‘Travel Bug has just returned from visiting the amazing Terracotta Warriors exhibition in Liverpool. This is what he dug up, so to speak…’

As Travel Bug’s human Dad is Chinese AND he’s from Merseyside, for his birthday, TB decided that he should mix the two things and take his Dad to see the World Museum’s ‘China’s First Emperor and the Terracotta Warriors’ exhibition.

While Travel Bug’s humans were standing in queues and patiently waiting to take photos, TB flew off to uncover some fascinating facts…


The Terracotta Warriors are an underground army who guard the tomb of China’s first emperor, Qin Shi Huang.  They are more than 2,000 years old and were only discovered by accident in 1974.

Travel Bug is 4 years old and he can’t quite get his head around anything that’s 1,996 years older than him in such good condition. Travel Bug’s only 4, but his nose is a bit grubby from all the snuffling he does for fascinating facts.

Size of Site

The site of the tomb of Qin Shi Huang is almost 200 times the size of the Valley of The Kings in Egypt. The site is so enormous (around 38 square miles) that it will take many more years for all its treasures to be uncovered.

Travel Bug gets quite tired just thinking about how big that it.  So tired, in fact, that he reckons it might be time for a little nap.

Thumb Thief?

When Travel Bug and his humans were in the museum, there were very nice ladies at the exhibition. They were very clear that NO ONE was allowed to touch the warriors or any other artefacts. This is because they’re priceless pieces of Chinese history.

All the humans (and bugs) were very well behaved during their stay.  Everyone kept right back from the exclusion zone alarms and made sure they were very respectful.

When the exhibition was on display in Philadelphia, a v v bad man snuck into the closed area and broke a thumb off one of the warriors.  He then stole it and took it home.

Travel Bug was very sad to hear this but pleased to know that the FBI has charged the man with lots of offences.  TB think it’s just a shame that someone can’t chop the man’s thumb off to teach him a lesson…

Do you have any other fascinating facts about the terracotta warriors to share with Travel Bug?

Hasta pronto, amigos!


TTB xx 



If you’d like to go to Liverpool and see the army for yourself, you can buy your tickets HERE.


Terracotta Warriors: Travel Bug's 3 Fascinating Facts