‘Travel Bug has been hassling his humans for AGES to take him to Croatia  He saw it on National Bugographic channel and knew he had to get to the coast to uncover 3 Fascinating Facts about Zadar…’

Sea Organ

When Travel Bug was ‘splorin’ round the Old Town in Zadar, he heard a strange noise and took off to see where it was coming from.

When he got to the edge of the peninsula, he heard the ghostly chimes of an organ. As it turns out, Zadar has pipes under a set of stairs leading into the Adriatic Sea.  When the seawater laps against the underground pipes, they produce a haunting tune.

Travel Bug wasn’t too sure how he felt about this ghost organ, but all the other tourists were loving it, so he thought it must be v special.  He’s certainly never seen a Sea Organ on any of his other adventures…

Maraska Liqueur

Zadar is famous for its cherry flavoured liqueur, called Maraska.   The drink comes from the Marasca cherry, a type of sour Morello.

The cherry grows best along the Adriatic Coast of Croatia and Zadar’s cherries are the highest quality in the world.

Travel Bug tried it with his humans one night and he couldn’t fly straight afterwards…

Luka Modric

Croatia’s star football player learnt how to play football in the parking lot of the Hotel Iz in Zadar, where he was a refugee.

He and his family were displaced by the Serb-Croat war back in the early 90s and the family’s house was destroyed.  This forced them to move away from danger and they were eventually placed in the city.

Modric played for Zadar for a while before it became apparent that his skills were too good.  He was then transferred to Hadjuk Split.  Travel Bug watched Modric play for Croatia at the World Cup and though he was v v good.

Do you have any other fascinating facts about Zadar to share with the Travel Bug??

Hasta pronto, amigos!  See you soon, friends!

TTB xx