‘Autumn sees the leaves falling and the temperature dropping. If you’re travelling this season, here are some top tips on how to pack for an autumn break…’

Sturdy Basics

Unless you’re heading to a subtropical climate for your Autumn break, it’s likely you’ll need to ditch the light floral dresses and go for something a little heavier.

Opt for jeans or trousers and skirts in heavier fabrics that are more likely to keep you cosy. These will also allow you to dress up or down, depending on your plans.


You don’t always need a heavy coat for Autumn travel, particularly if you’re likely to be sightseeing, in and out of the Subway, or hopping between stores and restaurants.

What will be useful, however, are some basic accessories. Lightweight Scarves, hats and gloves all take up minimal space in your luggage and are perfect to keep the Autumn chill at bay while you’re out and about.


As with everything, shoes that fit your location are one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

I’m travelling to South Korea for an Autumn break this year. The weather will be cool, so I’ll be walking in the busy city streets. I’ll also be removing my shoes, in accordance with tradition in SK, when I go indoors.

This means comfortable, full, flat shoes are my go to. Knee-high boots can be difficult to remove quickly, particularly at airport security.  Therefore, ankle boots and sturdy loafers that can withstand the streets of Seoul will be my picks. Open toed shoes are a definite no.


Autumn usually sees a change of colour and neutral shades are never out of style.

Packing heavier items, such as sweaters, are a good call.  However, thinner layers always allow you to build up or remove items on those unseasonably warm days.

A few good quality basic sweaters, long-sleeved tops and other separates in neutral shades generally mean that you can dress up or down. It also means it’s unlikely you’ll be pulling your hair out trying to find a matching outfit.


The changing seasons usually kick-start a new or adapted beauty regime for travellers. For me, it’s a heavier day cream to combat the toll the colder weather has on my skin. For makeup, I tend to stick to neutral colours.

To be honest, I’m pretty much neutral every season, but that’s just me. Switching up a few of my basics is always a good idea. I go for cold weather face cream, under eye serum and a good lip balm. This can save me from two weeks of itchy, flaky and very sore skin.

What are your tips on how to pack for an autumn break?


Suz xx



How To Pack for an Autumn Break