It’s Travel Bug’s human’s 2nd wedding anniversary tomorrow! He’s been uncovering fascinating facts about Santa Fe to remind them of their special day in the city…’

These are his three favourite fascinating facts about Santa Fe.

Santa Fe Margaritas

Santa Fe is rather famous for its margaritas (which he suspects helped his humans make their decision about getting married there…), and the city has an official Margarita Trail.

The Margarita trail has a total of 31 stops around the city!  It gives a fantastic feel for the culture of the city and, more importantly, its ability to mix good drinks.  Travel Bug couldn’t go on the trail because he’s not 21 yet. His humans went on, though.  They didn’t look too good the morning after…

Sea Level

The city sits at 7,000ft above sea level, making it the highest capital city in the entire United States.  Travel Bug did feel that he was rather high up in Santa Fe, but he can fly, so he’s used to this.

Don Pedro

The man who’s credited for founding Santa Fe is Don Pedro de Peralta. He was the third Spanish Governor of New Mexico and he established the city in 1608.  Because of this, Santa Fe is the oldest of all the state capitals in the USA.

Do you have any other fascinating facts about Santa Fe to share with The Travel Bug?