‘If you’re thinking about moving across the world to start fresh, one destination you might not have considered is Malaysia…’

Malaysia is a stunning country in Asia which has a huge sense of family, culture and amazing food to enjoy.

Here are 10 reasons you should move to Malaysia…


The first thing to think about when moving somewhere new is the stability of the country in terms of finance and politics. Luckily, you can benefit from accessible house for rent in malaysia and the economic climate is incredibly stable. You won’t have to worry about the country suffering from any major recession nor any conflict either. It is a peaceful and well-kept country to live in.

It’s always growing

When we are used to the way of living in countries such as the US and the UK, it can be easy to expect a certain level of luxury and technology in our every day lives. The good news is that Malaysia is always growing and expanding and the technology and faculties are getting better and better every single year.

You’ll have no issues finding big airports, large shopping complexes and great WiFi wherever you decide to venture in this wonderful place.


When it comes to a move to Malaysia and buying a house of your own, there are vastly different rules for every country with what we are allowed to buy, and whether we are even allowed to buy at all.

Malaysia is a laid-back country when it comes to property. This means you’re are allowed to buy residential and freehold property, or even invest in several properties.  You have the freedom to live wherever and this can make life much easier. 

Safety and health

You are probably used to seeing murders and assaults on the TV most weeks. Although the US is advanced, it does have a pretty high rate of crime thanks to the availability of weapons and the high cost of living. However, if you decide to move to Malaysia you will be met with a vastly different story.

Malaysia is one of the safest places to live in the world and its crimes rates are incredibly low. Even when there is a crime it is mostly cyber-based because violent crime just isn’t rife. Also, if you are looking for somewhere to eventually raise children and you want a great health service, Malaysia’s has some world-class facilities and offers much lower prices than many other countries do.


One of the biggest advantages of all when choosing Malaysia as your new home is the fact that it’s unspoilt. This is,  for the most part, due to the low population in proportion to the rest of Asia.

You will easily be able to escape out of the city at the weekend. This will allow you to enjoy some of the most stunning waterfalls, mountains and valleys you’ve ever come across. A move to Malaysia offers an astounding array of plants and wildlife. Plus, you’ll be able to get some close-up encounters with the wild animals who call it home. 

If you love to be outside in nature then this is one of the best places to live.


We all know that Asian food is full to the brim with flavour and it is ideal for those big family get-togethers, and the food in Malaysia is no exception.

With influences from China, India and many of the surrounding countries, Malaysian good offers a huge fusion of amazing flavours, textures and fresh meats. It will be some of the best food you have ever tasted and you can often get it right from the street!

The people

If you want to move to a new part of the world, one of the biggest criteria you will want to be fulfilled is that you are surrounded by friendly and welcoming people.

The people of Malaysia are always ready to welcome new faces. They also mostly speak English as a first language. This means that you will have no issues having a good old conversation with your neighbours.   Making friends will be incredibly easy for you and the whole family, too.


We all know the struggle of walking out of the house in a winter coat only for us to be boiling hot by the time lunchtime hits.

Malaysia is a country which has a good climate and it’s pretty warm and sunny all year long. This means that if you don’t like the cold weather this is the ideal place for you to spend your time. You can enjoy an air-conditioned Home and get out into the heat for a summer day all year long.

Living costs

If you plan to pack up your old life and live somewhere new, you need to first research the living costs. The costs of living in the place you fancy might outweigh the benefit you get from living there.

Malaysia is a place which offers some of the best standards of living in the world.  For the same price as your home you will be able to get something much more beautiful in this country.

The beauty of the big cities is also that you don’t necessarily need a car. Public transport in Malaysia is efficient and incredibly frequent. The food is cheap and can be bought straight from the market. This means it’s is fresh and much more tasty for recipes.


If you are worried about missing out with parties and clubbing when moving away, there’s no need anymore. A move to Malaysia offers some of the best lifestyles and you can enjoy. This includes bars, clubs, cinemas and lots of other amazing entertainment made for every member of the family.

Let’s all move to Malaysia…. *packs bags*


Suz xx


** This post was written in collaboration.  Is it not a sponsored post **