Travel Bug’s 3 Fascinating Facts About Helsinki

‘Travel Bug just touched down in the capital of Finland. He left his humans drinking coffee in Market Square and flew off to uncover his 3 Fascinating Facts about Helsinki…’

How North??

Helsinki boasts the most northerly motorway and metro station in the entire world.

Travel Bug thinks it’s likely to be a wee bit chilly there. He’s definitely gonna keep his jacket on so his wings don’t freeze up…

Island Life

Helsinki is a little different from most capital cities in that it’s made up of both mainland and islands.  This means Travel Bug can fly out across the water and still be in the same place!

One of the biggest islands of Helsinki is home to Finland’s biggest zoo. Travel Bug thinks he might keep away as he doesn’t want to be captured and put on display…

Safe City

in terms of personal safety, Helsinki is the second safest place to live on the planet.  It shares this position with Bern and Zurich, just one spot behind Luxembourg city.

Travel Bug tried to use this fact to tell his humans he should be able to go out on his own after dark but he still wasn’t allowed. Hmmmph…

Do you have any other fascinating facts about Helsinki to share with the Travel Bug?

Hasta manana, amigos!





Helsinki: Travel Bug's 3 Fascinating Facts


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