Travel Bug’s 3 Fascinating Facts About Gangnam

‘Travel Bug recently touched down in South Korea and went exploring to uncover fascinating facts about Gangnam…

Gangnam Gu

Gangnam-gu is the official title for the area of Seoul that is commonly thought of as the hippest and most affluent area of the city.  Gangnam is famous for its nightlife and young population, who make the most of the city’s amenities.

Travel Bug is pretty hip (for a bug…) so he decided to check out his local noodle and karaoke bars and indulged in a wee bit too much Soju (Korean rice wine).


Gangnam sits to the southern end of Seoul and its name literally means ‘south of the river’.

The Han River splits the city, with the main downtown area to the north and Gangnam to the south.

Gangnam Style

Travel Bug’s humans showed him a video on YouTube of a South Korean K-Pop sensation called Psy.

The video for his song ‘Gangnam Style’ has had more than 3.2 billion streams since it was released in 2012.

Travel Bug has been practising the Gangnam dance every day since then and thinks he’s getting pretty good at it.  Heeeeeeeey sexy ladeeee!


Do you have any fascinating facts about Gangnam to share with Travel Bug?



fascinating facts about Gangnam



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