‘It’s difficult to explain *just* how excited I was when I was researching our trip to Seoul and realised there was a cafe where you could drink coffee and pet dogs.  This wonderful place is called the Bau House Cafe and was one of the highlights of my trip…’

Who Let The Dogs Out?

I love a pooch as much as the next Crazy Dog Lady, so I put LT on notice that I would, absolutely definitely, NEED to pay the cafe a visit while we were exploring Seoul.  Gorgeous palaces, museums, food and history aside, there was a cafe here with DOGS IN IT.

The visit was regardless of whether it interfered with any other plans.  I simply couldn’t travel so far from home and not go play with doggos.  Because I’m not a monster.  And loving dogs is a lifetime commitment.

Bau House is located at 64 Yanghwa Ro in Soegyo Dong.  This is just a short walk from Seoul’s University and is a great place for cafes, restaurants and shopping.

Dog Lover’s Paradise

Bau House Dog Cafe was established in 2001 and has been proudly serving dog crazy locals and visitors for 17 years.

When you arrive, you pay W 8,000 (around £5) and choose who you want to chat to first.

Your cover charge pays for a choice of drink (Les had juice and I had a beer) and as many doggos as you can pet in 30 minutes.  Turns out, this is a LOT of four-legged friends if you choose to move the beautiful dog who launches himself into your lap when you sit down.  If you have the heart, to move this pooch, go play with others.  If you can’t bear to shift the snoozing pup on your lap, then just pet him for the entire time you’re there.  You know you want to.

Nope. Can’t move him. Looks like I’ll have to live here forever.

Big or Small?

There are two main areas to the cafe, which are separated by a dog-proof gate (I’m assuming it’s dog proof as you need thumbs to operate the latch…).

I have to admit that we went right past the teeny puppies and headed straight for anything I could find that had floppy chops and a big waggy tail.  I wasn’t disappointed.

The premise of the cafe is that you can help to pay for the dog’s care while doling out belly and butt scratches and lots of cuddles.  It’s impossible not to love it.  Unless, of course, you don’t like dogs so much and are obviously a monster.

Even Non Dog Lover’s Love it…

LT isn’t the biggest fan of dogs. To be fair, though, he patiently sits through endless dog memes on Facebook, videos on YouTube, and hangs around street corners whenever I spot something I can pet.  But even he had fun.  Or maybe he was just humouring me; I can’t be sure.

He also made this little friend, who he grew quite fond of.  I spent 10 minutes trying to get a dog to let me pet him, but he looked so shy and reluctant that I left him be.  The second I moved to go find introduce myself to another friend, he leapt up on Les’s lap and curled up.   I’m still jealous several weeks later and interrogated him afterwards about whether he had any snacks in his pocket.

Opening Hours / 13:30-22:30pm daily.

How To Get There / Take the train to Hapjeong Station, Exit 3

Facebook Page / Bau House Cafe

Have you visited Bau House Cafe in Seoul?  If not, why?? What have you been doing with your life?

Suz xx