‘If you’re visiting the Amalfi Coast of Italy and have a day to spare, a trip to the ancient city of Pompeii is an unforgettable experience…’

Regular trains depart from major cities and we travelled in from Naples in just over an hour. The trains were frequent and efficient and Pompeii station is only a very short walk from the entrance to the ancient city.

Tour Guides

A mass of tour guides and bus operators will offer to take you on an ‘official’ tour when you arrive. Pay no mind to this (unless, of course, you want a guided tour) and simply make your own way.

You don’t need a guide to accompany you; nor do you require one once you enter Pompeii. Simply pay your fee at the turnstiles, grab your free guide book, and do your own thing.  The guides will tell you that you can’t go without them, but this is in no way accurate.

Free Guide Book

Pompeii is massive, so if you only have the opportunity to visit on a single day, its best to study your guide book. You can do your re before you enter or do your research before you travel. It’s very difficult to see everything – and have the time to properly take it in – if you don’t know what you’re looking for or at.

I love me some ash covered bodies and frescos, so I was able to pick out areas I didn’t want to miss. For my husband, the brothel, fancy residences and amphitheatre were top of his list.

This enabled us to pull together a basic route around the city, with plenty of stuff to see in between.  It’s easy to be overwhelmed by information, given the sheer scale of the city.  However, you’ll find plenty of hidden gems as you make your way around neighbourhoods and communal areas.

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New Discoveries

The site at Pompeii is constantly evolving. We stood in fascination, watching archaeologists and other professionals excavating new areas. It’s a regular occurrence for new archaeological treasures to be uncovered on site at Pompeii.

While the basis of the city remains untouched and expertly preserved, there’s always something new to discover on each visit.  It was fantastic to be able to show my parents discoveries that had made since they visited a decade before.

The site is absolutely massive, so it’s easy to spend a full day without seeing everything. The book you receive at the turnstiles is fantastic, so grab your copy and have a look through on arrival. The guide is fully coded and there’s plenty signage in the city to keep you on track.

As well as an area where pottery and crockery are displayed, there’s also a great museum.  Also, as you make your way out of Pompeii, leave yourself some time to enjoy the views across the region towards Vesuvius.  They really are beautiful.

Have you visited Pompeii?


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