Travel Bug’s humans took him to the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta for his 5th birthday.  After he ditched them in a local bar, he flew off to the capital city to uncover 3 fascinating facts about Valletta…’

The Second Capital 

Valletta hasn’t always been the capital city of Malta.  Before Valletta was built, the capital was the fortified city of Mdina. After Valletta was announced as the new capital, Mdina’s trade and population diminished, leading to it being referred to as ‘The Silent City’.

Travel Bug lives in Wales and he knows the capital if Cardiff.  He wonders if maybe that might change someday.  He’d like the capital to be in Bangor because he likes it there.

The Wee City

Valletta is the smallest capital in the EU, with a population of only 6,000 people (and some bugs).  Because Travel Bug’s human mum is Scottish, she refers to small things as being ‘wee’.   In Malta, the word for small is ”zghar’, which isn’t as easy to say for little bugs.  Or Scottish humans, apparently.

UNESCO Listing

The entire city of Valletta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Valletta was founded in 1566 and has restored and preserved much of its original Renaissance structure and detail.  The city has 320 monuments and its fortified walls remain intact today.  Valletta was awarded UNESCO status in 1980.

Do you have any other fascinating facts about Valletta to share with the Travel Bug?

Adios, amigos!  Hasta pronto!

Travel Bug xx